What is it that has us caught between breaths while the screen is focused on four rustic-looking walls or a large ground with a vast area where with the rustling wind you might come across a ghost? Yes, it is a movie and one would like it to be so. This is called sensationalism, as a result, there is adding of scenes and removal of reality even if it is just for a moment.

So is “My Haunted House” Fake?

Who is to say what adds to the ghostly presence if not sound effects and odd-looking characters straight out of your favorite spooky novels.

Here are the top 5 things that might as well add to the reasons, even if they do not make them fully logical:

The attic with creaky old wooden houses and a dusty-looking space with several things in storage that are uncared for in day-to-day life.

The good old basement that’s unmaintained and comes with untold stories.

The pipes, if you didn’t think about this one you definitely will be much aware now, old pipes, unused or used vibrate and at a certain frequency, they can cause hallucinations.

The walls can have anything from rodent infestations to molds.

The lights, anything from a shortage in voltage to climatic disruption can cause this, it could be far more technical than we think.

This is not to say that My Haunted House fakes the scenarios or storyline, but from the early days there have been speculations on how a story is portrayed, and now that things are not so primitive and we have the technology. There is a dramatic turn of events, individual characters are given conflicting backgrounds, and even though no one can guarantee the truth behind scenes.

Now to what happens — The My Haunted House real stories are not just backed by the first-person interviews and the re-enactments but much promising sound effects with an hour-long episode of special effects while the story is being artfully told; this is what causes you to much-await a bone-chilling scare at every turn.

Being a reality tv producer for a series how much are you willing to do for a full-fledged investigation and what if it all suddenly starts making sense to you? Will it still be of benefit? Sometimes one is more scared about what they might find than about how they conclude.

People’s enthusiasm to create and watch is fueled by many of these unconcluded, illogical stories as some might say; and if it’s not the least to say equipment for an investigation that can be operated by a team with expertise doesn’t come easy or cheap.

Still, questioning if My Haunted House is real or fake? Whaṭs easier to believe? Is it a series of horrific events with a valid explanation being cynical or does it make you a true believer in stories drawn out with much enthusiasm?

Investigations are time-consuming so is reshooting elements as they originally were, even with marginal editing there can create huge changes in what was supposed to have happened.

Now it is on the enthusiasts to choose what makes better for TV and the portrayed reality. As reality can become very much fiddle when tried to fit into a construct for reasons known only to the makers.