Who was Jocelyn Flores? From the city of Bronx, Jocelyn Flores was a young teenage girl who had a rough past and a dysfunctional family. Jocelyn Amparo Flores was born on 2nd July in the year 2000.

Her father’s name was Benji Flores who worked as a barber. When Jocelyn was four years old, he died of a chronic illness that the family could not afford to treat.

She also claimed to have been molested by a close relative which she confessed to her mother at a young age. All this incident was bound to scar her mentally and emotionally for years to come, up until her death.

How is XXXTentacion Related to Jocelyn’s Suicide?

It is no surprise that Jocelyn would want to leave her state and go somewhere else to build a life of her own, though carrying the baggage of the past wounds. The unfortunate incidents that she faced at a tender age made her look at life in a different manner, that of a pessimistic view that would often lead her to harm herself for things that could be dealt with in a better way.

The American Singer, Rapper, and Songwriter XXXTentacion, born Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, is a popular name amongst the youth of the globe. He collaborated with the clothing line Revenge for which he needed models and was looking to launch fresh faces.

He found a girl named Jocelyn Flores, who was 16 years at that time, from Twitter and offered her to model for his clothing line which she accepted. Along with her, the rapper had chosen another girl to feature for his clothing line as well.

The two girls were flown to Florida at the singer’s place and stayed there while he was reportedly away for some function which he attended with his cousin. When he came back to his place of residence, he found that the money he left in a bag back in his room was missing. The amount was reportedly said to be around 7000 US dollars and was kept in the bag that the singer left in his room in the presence of the two girls in his house.

Reportedly, Flores and the other girl started accusing each other of the theft but XXXTentacion found it difficult to believe either of them and ended up terminating both the offers he had given to the girls. The girls were to be flown back to their places and he had sent two men of his team with Flores to accompany her with the departure.

How did Jocelyn Flores Die?

On the way, the two men booked a room in an inn in Hampton, Coconut Creek, to spend the night along with Jocelyn. While the two men were away to get some food, Jocelyn had gone to the bathroom. When one of the two men went back to the room, he had seen the light of the bathroom was on and fell asleep.

In the morning he saw the lights were still on but the door was locked from inside. He kind of panicked and called the staff of the inn who broke the bathroom door; to their shock, Jocelyn’s body was lying lifeless on the floor.

Did Jocelyn Kill Herself?

It was May 17th, 2017, the authorities arrived at the inn and declared it a suicide case of the 16-year-old girl as there were no other possibilities considering the situation and the circumstances. Jocelyn was said to have had suicidal tendencies from a young age due to her rough past and had attempted to commit suicide several times.

Jocelyn Flores’ death news spread like wildfire. XXXTentacion seems to have had deep regrets for the death of the young girl and dedicated a song in her name called ‘Jocelyn Flores’ about which her girl’s family seems to be upset as he had not taken their permission to use her name for his song which turned out a hit.

The question of how did Jocelyn Flores die is still considered a mystery as explicit details of her cause of death has not been made public. All we know according to the sources and the authorities is that it was a suicide. A year later, in June 2018, XXXtentacion was shot dead by some alleged robbers according to the reports.

The question of why did Jocelyn Flores kill herself is something people still ask today. The exact manner of her death has not been specified, at least not in the public. She did not leave any suicide note because of which the fans were left speculating about the tragic incident.

Most of it seems to be because of the missed opportunity with the singer as well as the mental and emotional wounds from her past combined could most likely be the reason for her death.

Flores and XXXTentacion are still remembered to this day and are paid tribute through fans’ posts and stories.