Seems like the year 2022 is all about the multi-talented musician Jon Batiste who has been nominated for 11 Grammys out of which he won five Grammy Awards, what’s more, he also gets married to his long-time girlfriend Suleika Jaouad this year in February. But after his biggest win, the musician is now taking a leave from his busy schedule and away from the public, so what is the Stay Human bandleader doing now? Let’s get the full details of the Grammy winner of the year.


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What Happened to Jon Batiste?

The 35-year-old musician who has recently won the Grammy also had a big event on May 7 for his American symphony opus live at Carnegie Hall. The Album of the year winner seemed very excited about the events and so was the audience but unfortunately, the singer had to postpone the scheduled date of the opus live because he tested positive for covid.

Batiste and his team to be performed for the event were tested covid + on May 5 and the singer shared the news on his Instagram to tell all his fans about the sudden rescheduling of the event. The singer shows his great disappointment for not being able to perform, he said

“I have poured my heart and soul into this work and I am so disappointed that I can’t see it through at the moment, but it WILL happen one day.”


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The singer shared the post with a video of himself rehearsing all alone in the hall/ He has been working on this big project for many years and he also shows his gratitude to all the other musicians’ teams working with him for this event. He then reassures everyone with hopeful words of him looking forward to sharing the stage and his year-long work with everyone.

Where is Jon Batiste on “The Late Show”?

Jon Batiste and Stephen Colbert have become such close friends these past years as they worked together on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He and his band Stay Human joined the team of the show in 2015 and gained more recognition from the viewers after joining the show as a house band.

Since then the multi-talented musician has been on Colbert and performed many shows alongside big artists like Will Smith, John Legend, Grace Vanderwaal, and many other singers. But recently Jon Batiste is not on Colbert and so many have jumped to the assumption that he left the show, so, did Jon Batiste leave the show?

Well, apart from his big live performance rescheduling Batiste will also be absent from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a bandleader because of his covid situation and will be back in the show and to all of the other activities he has put on hold.

The singer is only on a temporary hiatus from the show and he and his band are still in the show as the house band and will be coming back as the bandleader after his complete recovery. Before Batiste, Colbert, himself was missing from the show for the same cause of testing covid positive and took time off the show and went onto quarantine from 21 April till May 2. And just after his return Batiste now is not in the show, soon afterward Colbert again took time off of the show as he was experiencing a recurrence of covid symptoms, and to avoid its further spread he didn’t host the show. But after a week of rest, he was back to the show on 16 May, relieving everyone and we also hope Batiste gets better soon and comes back to the show, cause we all are missing seeing the whole team all together in the show.

Where is Jon Batiste Now?

The big-time Grammy winner and the recipient of the Album of the Year in the 64th Grammy Award for his album “We Are” is in quarantine in his house recovering from covid and hopefully guessing he will be getting well soon. The singer had many scheduled programs last month but he had to postpone them for covid reasons and he has also stepped away from his regular Late Show positioned as the bandleader for the same. He is keeping us all updated about his well-being and recovery through his social media and he recently posted a photo of him and his adored pup with the caption,

“Nice Sunday. We love you and wish you well.”


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Batiste released his first album at the age of 17 when he was still in high school called Times in Orleans, 2005, it was his self-released debut album and the album is all about his time in Orleans where he spent most of his childhood time and also attended school there. Though the album hasn’t made any records it was still a very important part to him as a member of the Orleans musical dynasty. Later in his career, his talents can be seen in his work performed together with other famed artists like Prince, Ed Sheeran, Mavis Staples, and many more.

Jon Batiste today is an inspiring talent to the whole world and he has been included in this year’s Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the world, which is a great achievement for him and we know why.