The name Ken Miles is known to many for making a huge impact in the history of race cars and being an idol for all those who admire the race tracks and dream of driving there once.

But is Ken Miles’ son Peter still alive? Well, the answer is yes, he is alive and doing well and has a lot more to achieve considering his responsibilities and the legacy of his father that he is carrying to this day. He has shown the same interest as his father and is doing well in the field, though not as an official racer.

Where is Peter Miles Today?

Born on 28th September 1950, Peter Miles’s age as of today is 71 years old. Today is living his life in a low-profile manner as compared to what his father had in his days. After Ken Miles’s death, his son Peter continued in the same field but in different positions.

He first worked as an apprentice at Wolseley Motors and then got himself admitted to a technical school in order to upgrade his mechanical skills and knowledge. Although he is the son of a legendary car racer, he started off as a bike racer and did well.

Today he administers Ken Miles Limited Edition 427 Cobra replicas which are worth hundreds of millions of dollars combined. One of the models of the Limited Edition, Ford Shelby GT350 is a popular one as it was used for paying tribute to the late legend and his speedy marvels as he was an integral part of its design and production.

It still stands proud along with the rest of the models in the limited edition. Events like Le Mans Classic and Goodwood still use the first-generation model of GT350 and are popular among the fans because of which it is still relevant and remains a favorite amongst the track lovers.

Peter Miles Now

Peter Miles was promoted as the crew chief for Ivan Stewart soon after he finished his training in the technical school for mechanics. Much information is not available regarding his day-to-day life on social media as he is not very active there.

Most of the information of his current life, his achievements, and current positions have been obtained from news outlets and other sources of media. He is currently living his life as the owner of the Ken Miles Limited Edition Kobra replicas and is doing justice to his father’s legacy.

He does not participate in the racing competitions but is said to be racing off the official racing tracks. Nevertheless, he does take rounds of the laps during unofficial events like in the Daytona in the Heritage Edition Ford GT and also test-drives his creation to pay tribute to his father’s victories and live the moments his father did in his days.

Peter Miles’s racing hobby will always remain, even at this age, as he had seen his father on the racing track from a very young age, and also, it brings bittersweet memories of his father.

What about Peter’s mother and ken’s wife Mollie? From the initial days of Ken being a popular figure in the field of motorsport, Mollie had always kept a low profile. In spite of that, she had talked about the well-wishers and the condolences shared by them and all the people that loved the icon and felt his absence in a heartfelt note that she shared in a book called Road And Track.

In this book, she talks about her and her son’s loss and how devasted they were as they were both present in the field at the time of Ken’s accident.

Ford VS Ferrari

The film Ford vs Ferrari has been the talk of the town ever since its release. The film depicts the life of Ken Miles and his family, though its main focus is his racing career and achievements.

The film also shows the bond of Shelby and Ken Miles and the loss he faced after Ken’s death while test-driving one of Ford’s race models. The film stars Christian Bale as Ken Miles and Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby. The movie also features Caitriona Balfe as Mollie and Noah Jupe as Peter alongside Jon Bernthal as the “mischievous” Lee Lacocca.

Peter Miles Net Worth

In spite of having had a rough patch in his past, he has continued in the same field as his father did and is doing extremely well career-wise. The limited-edition replicas that Peter owns as a heritage from his father are worth millions and so his estimated net worth from several sources is said to be around 80 million US dollars.  He is also working for giant motor companies.