Are you a fan of Craig of The Creek? Do you want to know about Green Poncho on Craig of The Creek? If you enjoy the series, you will also have fun reading this article.

Green Poncho is one of the famous characters in Craig of the Creek. His original name is Omar. Omar transformed himself into the appearance of Green Poncho. The audience loves his character. Let’s know more about him.

Who is Green Poncho?

Green Poncho is a 12-year-old kid who is also known as Omar. Before he had turned into Green Poncho, Omar was friendly and had a good friendship with Maya. But when he became Green Poncho, his nature changed. He used to stay lonely and silent most of the time.

Green Poncho used to fight with the enemy with the bow he carried on his back. But, he always came forward to help the other kids and used to protect them from Xavier.

Before knowing Xavier, Omar had only one friend, Maya. Later, Xavier also became a friend of Omar and Maya when they saved him from being stuck in a tree. After that, he was involved in a rebellion against Xavier and saved stump kids from him.

Omar Turned into Green Poncho

Before becoming Green Poncho, Omar was an amiable kid. He was in a good friendship with Maya. He never had any fights with anyone. While wandering, Maya and Omar found Xavier being stuck in a tree one day. Then they saved Xavier when he was in a difficult situation. Since that incident, the three of them have become good friends.

Xavier compelled Omar to fight against Maya and offered him to be his best friend forever. Omar conquers the fight, but he rejects the offer to become friends with Xavier. Although Maya wanted to meet Omar and offered him to serve Xavier, Omar was not ready. Instead, he set out for a purpose to change himself and to learn to become strong.

Omar wore the Poncho and indulged himself in training to change himself.

Green Poncho Voice Actor

Zeno Robinson voiced Green Poncho. In addition, he voiced in many other popular animated series, including English and Japanese animation, where he used to dub in English. Moreover, he also voiced for many popular series, including My Hero Academia, Pokemon Journeys: The Series, The Case Study of Vanitas, Black Cover, and many more.

Robinson also received many awards and accolades, including the Anime Awards 2021 for his voice-over role in My Hero Academia. The award was given for his best VA performance.

 Important “Craig of The Creek” Characters

Many Craig of The Creek Characters played an essential role in the series. Some of these characters have been mentioned below:

  • Craig Williams

Craig is 3 years younger than Omar. So it means his age is 9 years. He likes to help others, and he has excellent leadership qualities. He also likes to play with his beloved friends Kelsey and J.P.

  • Kelsey Pokoly

Kelsey is an eight-year-old girl shown as a friend of Craig in the series. Her single father raises her. She attributed the adventurous and overly dramatic in the series as adventurous and overly dramatic who also loved to read books.

  • J.P. Mercer

The complete form of J.P. Mercer is John Paul Mercer. He is also in a friendship with Craig. He is always clad in an oversized red hockey Jersey. One of his disadvantages is that he often gets injured. His appearance is also dirty.

  • Omar

We have already discussed the personality of Omar and the character played by him. He has many positive traits in his character, for which this character is loved by many.


Green Poncho has emerged as an essential character in the series. His mysterious character could intrigue the fans. Moreover, his fantastic character has made the whole series more interesting.