The blonde twins have recently made some shocking revelations about the Playboy mansion and social media is flooded with mixed opinions on this matter from the netizens. Before we get into the juicy details of the former Playboy stars, let’s talk about the things they are presently busy with. They had cosmetic surgeries done seven years ago that did not go exactly the way they had expected.

Where are the Shannon Twins Now?

The twins entered the Botched clinic to fix the surgeries on their nose and bust that did not look the way they wanted in spite of going under the knife. The Shannon twins had gained a significant amount of weight since their surgery seven years ago but that was not their major concern.

The Shannon twins’ weight gain issue had been under some criticism as the netizens pointed out their plastic surgery disaster and even called the Shannon twins fat. Nonetheless, the twins are confidently flaunting their ideal body type after having successfully fixed their previous cosmetic disaster as they entered the Botched clinic in 2015 which hit the screens of E!. The successful surgery was made possible by Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif who worked on the disastrous plastic surgery that the twins had undergone. 

The “Playboy” Twins

The Shannon twins who were the playmates of the Playboy magazine have made some revelations about the grim details of their stay in the $100 million Playboy mansion. Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon came out of the blue to reveal some details of the mansion and what would really happen behind the walls during the late hours.

The twins lived with Hugh Hefner in his Playboy mansion for two years after he saw their pictures which they shot for a glamour magazine. The twins were flown to the mansion from Florida, which is situated in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, to feature in the hit reality show Girls Next Door which they would, for the next two years.

In the mansion, Hugh Hefner was living with several other girlfriends of his including Kendra Wilkinson, and each of those girls was paid 1000 dollars every week for starring in the show which showcased the lives of the girls living in the multi-million mansion.

The Shannon twins recently appeared on the television series Secrets of Playboy where all the cast and other insiders unravel the glamorous-looking brand of Playboy that created the glamorous looking world to the world outside.

How did it All Start?

The Shannon twins were just 18 years old when they met Hugh Hefner and started to live in his mansion who was 83 at that time. The twins claimed to have contracted chlamydia (STD) while living with him as a result of forcefully being pushed into engaging in group s*x. This made them feel disgusted as they had not imagined this to be a part of the contract.

Karissa Shannon claimed to have been impregnated by Hefner because of which she had to undergo an abortion secretly which she does not regret as the sex was forceful. The twins described being engaged in the s*xual acts with him “felt like rape” and were forced to perform such acts almost every day as part of living in the mansion.

The twin sisters claimed to have agreed to the terms of being part of the show thinking that they are all like a ‘big family’ and never imagined the 80-year-old man to be indulging in explicit acts with young girls.

The Twin Sisters’ Revelation of the Playboy Mansion

Another revelation made by Kristina and Karissa was that Hefner would often drug them and tell them that it was for making things “easier.” The mansion seemed to have cameras and voice recorders in several parts of the mansion and the girls were always kept under close watch by Hefner’s assistant and bodyguards who would stand outside the rooms of the girls to keep them from leaving the room until Hefner’s notice. After attending parties with Hefner, the girls would be called to his bedroom and cater to his demands every night, claimed the twins.

The television series aired on the 24th of January this year that began with the breaking of the founder’s image in the first episode which was that of someone who had brought about a sexual revolution that would help liberate men and women alike without shame.

Throughout the series, we get to know that several Hollywood celebrities including Bill Cosby and Roman Polansky had been frequent visitors to the mansion and attended the parties as well as some A-list celebrities. The ongoing series is yet to reveal much more explicit details about the late founder and his multi-million mansion than what we know so far.