Jennifer Love Hewitt from 9-1-1 has given us a quality of her best-acting roles through our favorite TV shows such as Party of Five, Ghost Whisperer, and movies like What You Did Last Summer, Lost in Translation, and many more. Let’s get a quick brief about her acting life, from then and now.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Active Acting Career, Then and Now

The actress has begun her career as a child actress and singer through the Disney Channel series Kids Incorporated (1989- 1991). After this, she started getting more noticed which lead to other roles in various TV series and movies.

Hewitt landed a major role as Julie James in the popular horror movie series I Know What You Did Last Summer which has three series, with the first released as I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), the second series as I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) and the last series as I Will Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006).

Then comes Jennifer Love Hewitt’s first lead role gained her popularity in The Ghost Whisperer where she played the role of Melinda Gordon, a newly married woman who possesses the power of communicating with the dead. The series started airing in September 2005 and ended in May 2010 with a total of five seasons.

Other of her popular role includes the tv series Criminal Minds as Kate Callahan, playing a former FBI agent and was promoted to the behavioral analysis unit for her remarkable performance.

The show is considered one of the most-watched shows with a long run of 15 years.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Now in 2022

In the present Hewitt is playing the role of Maddie Kendall, as a 9-1-1 dispatcher in Los Angeles, and is the older sister of the character Evan Buckley in the action drama TV series 9-1-1 that started airing in January 2018.

Hewitt first appeared in the show in the second season’s first episode of 9-1-1. In the episode, it is shown that both the characters Maddie and Chimney left the town out of concern in the early episodes of season 5 (2021).

(Picture from the 9-1-1 shoot back from 2019)

In real-life Jennifer Love Hewitt took a break from acting to go on her maternity leave.

She and her husband Brian Hallisay welcomed their 3rd child in September 2021. So she is taking a break from her busy acting life to enjoy a relaxing time with her family.

But it doesn’t mean she will not be back. She is still a constant and an important character in the show, so she will be back soon and we are looking forward to hearing from her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Transformed New Looks

The actress has been in the acting industry since she was a child and has gained popularity for her beauty and talent. Let’s take a look at her every new look until now.

Did She Go through Any Plastic Surgery?

There has been a rumor about her going through plastic surgery, it is still just a rumor and we can’t be sure about it but let’s go through her changing looks from her early acting career to her present look.

(Jennifer in 2020)

Breast Implants

If we look at the photos of Jennifer  Love Hewitt from then and now, we can see why the rumor occurred as in the photo from before she had B cup-sized bust, but in the later picture it seems to be C cup-sized. It’s obvious to notice the changes but many fans have shown their support and think that it has made her even sexier.

Nose Job

Look at the before picture of Hewitt she had a large size nose but now in the after picture, it appears to be thinner and more in shape. So we still can’t say what is the truth and what is not as the actress has denied any of her plastic surgery scandals.

Hewitt Gained Weight

Jennifer Love Hewitt is known for her zero-size body shape from the time of her active acting career when she had maintained her athletic and slender figure that could make girls jealous.

The changes can be seen as she has been on and off from the industry and seems to be more focused on her family life. In a post back in 2017, she posted a photo on Instagram where fans clearly noticed the extra weight gain, and many fans were shocked by the way she gained weight.

But what Hewitt thinks of it is different, she said that she doesn’t care about all the negativity and she won’t push herself to go back to her average figure and would like to spend more time with her family and kids.

(Hewitt enjoys her private life with her husband and her family.)

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been a talented star throughout her career and has been our all-time favorite celebrity. She has simply taken a break from acting for now and we do miss her but we are happy that she keeps her fans updated about herself.

As she mentioned she is just taking some break from acting to spend her time with her family as she has just welcomed her third son last year of September. So let’s just cheer for her, and wish her a happy family vacation with the hope of seeing her back soon.