Salsa has been a popular cuisine in the American household for not just being a delicacy but also for its immune-boosting and health benefits and has gained more popularity all around the world.

Salsa meaning sauce in Spanish has its origin in Mexico and has many varieties and is used as a condiment in various foods. Now it’s not just an important part of Mexican culture but has become a popular part of American cuisine.

Tinitas Homestyle Salsa

Now while talking about salsa we want you all to remember the fascinating television series Visiting…With Huell Howser, broadcasted by the KCET and hosted by our all-time favorite host Huell Howser who has been known for his interesting video blog documentary series.

The series Visiting…With Huell Howser, started airing in 1991 till 2012. The series’ episodes show new fascinating documentaries of different people, places, and events and everything interesting happening around the area of southern California known for its diverse uniqueness. Host Howser explores the various events.

One such episode was the Tinitas Salsa where Howser meets a hardworking budding entrepreneur named Tina Bonsall, a middle-aged lady from Antelope Acres, Lancaster, southern California. The episode was from 2006 when Tina Bonsall was rising as an entrepreneur and she had her own business called Tinitas Homestyle Salsa in Antelope Acres.

She started her family’s long salsa recipe as a business when she started selling it door to door in her neighborhood in 2003 and since then she has given her own new blend and come up with her own new salsa variety. She, from a door-to-door seller, gained many customers from all over America and by 2006 she established herself as a newly rising businesswoman with her own restaurant Tinitas Homestyle Salsa.

In the episode, Howser takes us to a suburban deserted area of Lancaster where he meets Tina Bonsall and where we are introduced to her budding new salsa business. Bonsall is a mother of three and she through selling her salsa from door to door has made a good number of loyal customers. With her hard work, she was able to own her own business palace.

Bonsall said, “I wanted to have a restaurant and I love cooking. My whole family cooks, my brother-in-law, and everybody cooks, and even my cousin owns his own catering company.”  She said that when she started selling initially, she made her first 300 dollars in her life with her own hand and that really made her happy and gave her more motivation to carry on her work which led to the opening of her own business center.

Her Business Units

Apart from her having her own business center in Lancaster, where manufacturing, ordering, and delivery of the salsa whole foods take place, she has another facility running in Corona riverside county in California. In the episode, we got to see how her whole family and friends are so helpful to her and make her dream of owning her own business come true.

With her appearance in Visiting…with Huell Howser, she has gained more popularity and by then she already had her business going and her brand with the name Tinitas Homestyle Salsa was being labeled as a whole food and delivered to different places across the nation. But what happened to Tinitas salsas? Let’s know where and how it is now?

Is Tinitas Salsa Still in Business?

She initially started selling her salsa door to door to her neighbors in 2003 and as her business started to grow, she started appearing as an aspiring business entrepreneur in newspapers and tv shows by 2006. Then during the time, she had two stocking facility centers in Lancaster and in Corona both located in southern California. And apart from these two physical centers, she had her website ready to go for her business to flourish more.

But where is Tinitas salsa now? Is Tinitas salsa still in business? As per the information we have in our hand Tinitas salsa seems to be no more in the business as a big name and the website also seems to be not working.

According to fans of the show, many believed that the business wasn’t able to make it into the competitive business world and hence the business got shut down. And this seems to be the case as we can’t find any new information and details regarding Tinitas Homestyle Salsa anymore. Even if the business couldn’t make it to the top, we assume that they are still working as a small neighborhood salsa corner like they used to.