Remember the terrifying incident from 1987 that shocked and astounded the whole world as they watched the live telecast of Baby Jessica being rescued from 22 feet deep well? The incident has now completed nearly 34 years and the baby is all grown up into a fine lady and is the mother of two.

So let us learn more about the toddler, we all have known from the 1987 incident.  How is she doing now and what does she look like now?

What Happened to Baby Jessica?

The incident from 1987 that involves an 18-month-old Baby Jessica who fell into a deep abandoned well, astounded the world with both the live rescue and the story. So what happened to the toddler? What is her story?

Jessica McClure who is famously known by the name baby Jessica, when she was just a toddler, she fell into 22 feet deep abandoned well while playing outside at her aunt’s daycare center. The incident took place on the morning of 14 October 1987 in midland Texas. The well opening was about 8 inches wide, and she was stuck there for 58 hours before she was rescued from the well on 16 October 1987.

At her rescue, everybody from the rescue team, local volunteers, and mining experts worked together to drill a parallel shaft next to the well where the baby was trapped to rescue her as soon as possible. As soon as the drilling work was done the team of paramedics rescued her from the well and as she was carried out of the well, covered with bandage and dirt.

Everyone from the massive crowd that gathered around the area and the viewers all around the world took a sigh of relief.

Baby Jessica’s rescue was made into a live telecast for everyone to see, who were praying for the toddler and hoping for her safety. During this agonizing situation, the then-president Ronald Reagan said,

“Everybody in America became grandfathers and grandmothers of Jessica while this was going on.”

Immediately after Baby Jessica’s rescue she was hospitalized and was there for more than a month. There her various injuries were taken care of. She had many injuries from being trapped in the well and one serious was losing her toe to gangrene. Apart from this, she carries scars on her forehead and other similar scars from surgeries.

During her time in the hospital, she received well wishes cards and gifts from people and was visited by Vice President George H. W. Bush.

Where is Baby Jessica Now?

Today in 2022, the incident has completed its 34 years, and the toddler from then is now 36 years old and is living a much better and normal life like everyone. After her treatment was done she went on living a quite normal life but soon after the incident her parents Reba Cissy McClure and Lewis Chip McClure got divorced in 1990.

Then she graduated from high school in 2004 and got married at 19 to her husband Daniel Morales in January 2006. The couple together has two children, Simon born in 2007, and daughter Sheyenne born in 2009.

Jessica also received her trust fund when she turned 25 in 2011, which was composed of all the donations made for her during the incidents from all over the world which was around $800,000 which she wants to use for her children’s college education.

Now Jessica McClure Morales who is still going by her name Baby Jessica is living a happy life with her family. In an interview with People in 2017, on completing 30 years anniversary of the rescue she was interviewed about her present life. She said,

“The term Baby Jessica is an everyday thing.”

Jessica as she had no memory of the ordeal from the time, was only able to know what happened to her when she turned 5 and watched her live rescue programs, and then later as she grew up she learn more about herself and the incident. To this, she said,

“I remember thinking, all that awful, how sad, that must be so horrible for that child and I remember being told that was me and breaking down to crying. You know in disbelief.”

She still is living with her family in Midland Texas and works in an elementary school as an assistant education teacher and as a wife and a mother. She is living a low profile life and like living a more normal quiet life with her family. She also has a Facebook page managed by her father, where they give special updates about her life, so you can check the page to stay updated on her life but as for now, there’s no recent update they have made.

Today she is a mother blessed with two children and an awesome husband and this life of her has made the terrifying incident that she along with the whole world went through, a thing of the past as a bad memory and we are happy to see her doing well and living a happy peaceful life with her family. This is what everyone was praying for when she was trapped and rescued and our all prayers came true.