On May 19, 2021, a thirteen-year-old cheerleader from St. John county was found murdered near a neighborhood pond around the area she lived in. Her body was found stabbed several times late in the evening in the woods after her parents reported her missing for hours. Then on the next day after her murder, Aiden Fucci 14, was arrested as the prime suspect in the case. So what really happened and what caused Tristyn Bailey’s death? Let’s know the details about Tristyn Bailey’s story,

Tristyn Bailey’s Sad Story

Tristyn Bailey a junior middle schooler at Patriot Oaks Academy was found dead at 13 on May 9th of the mothers day celebration in 2021.

According to the reports of her murder night on 9th May, Bailey’s family was out for an outing and came back home late at night. Then Bailey received a call from her classmate Aiden Fucci at 12:25 am. After the call both of them went to their friend Tre’s house and then after hanging out there, both of them left Tre’s house together as stated by Tre.

In a surveillance video of the neighborhood, it shows two subjects walking toward the pond, where the murder takes place at 1:45 am, and then later at 3:27 am one subject was seen walking away from the area of the pond carrying pair of white sneakers.

The next morning, Bailey’s siblings couldn’t find her in her bedroom when they went to get her for mother’s day breakfast. Then the family searched for her near the neighborhood after not finding her in the house but they still couldn’t locate her, when they couldn’t find her anywhere, her mother called 911 and reported her daughter missing.

The police of St. John county started their search for the missing teen and asked everyone who was involved with Bailey the night she went missing. Then later in the evening around 6:06 pm they received a call from Daniel Hart and reported about him finding the body of a female teen at a pond near the saddle stone drive, then the police identified the body as Bailey.

The Prime Suspect and the Killer

The Tristyn Bailey murder case’s prime suspect and later found to be guilty of the murder is her 14-year-old classmate, Aiden Fucci. The juvenile was initially charged with second-degree murder. Later after all the medical and Tristyn Bailey’s autopsy reports, he was charged as an adult with first-degree murder on 27 May 2021 at the St. John county court for the murder case.

According to Tristyn Bailey’s autopsy report, Tristyn Bailey’s death was caused by “sharp force trauma by stabbing” and was stabbed 114 times. She had a cutting wound on her neck, head, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, and back. And the word “KARMA” was found written on her left ankle and a smiley face was there inside her right ankle but the reports haven’t mentioned whose writing it was.

During the questioning session in the CID interview room, Fucci’s story of the murder night changed many times, and along the way admitting several times about the murder when he was questioned by his father Jason, and mother Crystal Smith. When he was told about the murder of Bailey he responded, “How is it my problem?”

When he was asked what he did after hanging out at his friend’s place, he said that he and Bailey walked their separate ways but again he changed his story and said that he kissed her and that she reacted by grabbing him, and then he pushed her. Then Fucci said that after the push, she hit her head after falling, and afterward, he didn’t know if she got up or not.

Apart from the interrogation, much new evidence was found from his house including a knife sheath from his bedroom along with a pair of shoes and a shirt with blood with Tristyn’s DNA on them.

The Witness said ‘Something was Wrong with Him’

During a questioning session with Fucci’s girlfriend, she stated that Fucci knew something was wrong with him and that he wanted to reach out for help. She also said that Fucci would hear voices when he was angry who would call him useless and even tell him to kill people. Then she mentioned that a few times she was even surprised by Fucci’s actions who would imitate cutting her throat coming from behind and putting a knife on her throat.

According to her he even mentioned killing someone by dragging them into the woods at night and stabbing them, months before Tristyn Bailey’s death.

According to a psychologist’s statement, “Something happened. There was a click of rage or something where he couldn’t control his impulse. Or he has a mental illness.”

Latest Update on Tristyn Bailey Murder Case

Now Aiden Fucci 15, appeared for the murder hearing, on 2 February 2022, and will again be appearing for the murder trial for two weeks in November as stated by judge Lee Smith.

Initially, Fucci’s case was taken by a private lawyer but after being announced indigent and can’t afford the cost of a private attorney, he was allotted a public lawyer.

According to his defense attorney, who said: “Obviously you’ve got to look at mental health and you’ve got to look at whether he is competent to stand trial.”

Fucci had his last hearing in September 2021, where he seemed confused and mumbled about demons during the hearing. In the hearing from February, he was seen with a visible tattoo of what was assumed to be a tattoo of a cross on his middle finger. For now, Fucci is at the Duval County jail where he was transferred from the juvenile detention center as he awaits his later trials.