KIIS FM has been on a 60 years long journey since its first start with the call sign KLAC-FM in 1961 since then it has been through lots of changes and evolution making it today one of the hit radio stations. The contemporary hit radio station is owned by iHeartMedia and has been one of the no.1 radio stations one can tune to listen to the top 40 best hit chart.

The station then became part of the SiriusXM radio, one of the sole radio providers in America, in 2011 broadcasting on Sirius channel 11 and then to channel 14 with the frequency of 102.7 MHz. But the long journey KIIS has with the radio satellite has come to an end and it will no longer simulcast KIIS in its broadcasting channel anymore.

Let’s find out what happened,

What Happened to KISS FM on Sirius?

Kiss FM has been part of the XM radio since 2001 before it joined the Sirius in 2008 when it came to be known as SiriusXM which made them a partner for over more than two decades. The Kiss FM, back in 2003 the iHeartMedia was known as Clear channel at the time, replaced the FM with an exclusive XM maintaining its top 40 formats and with its successful simulcasting with the XM channel.

The radio station is stationed in Los Angeles and broadcast in Los Angeles and California and has been one of the most successful and popular radio stations true to its slogan Los Angeles # 1 hit music station.

KIIS on Sirius Radio

As we have read, iHeartMedia has been in partnership with XM radio since 2001 which all began when iHeartMedia financially got involved with XM radio after buying a stake in the XM radio satellite before the satellite officially launched in 2002. During the time they made a deal of simulcasting various iHeartMedia stations on their radio which includes KIIS FM, WHTZ, WSIX Nashville, and others.

Then after the merging of XM radio and Sirius, its continued the service but a new deal was made with SiriusXM when iHeartMedia sold its stake to it in 2013, and that it will only simulcast two of the company’s major stations KIIS FM and WHTZ Z100.

After the deal KIIS FM started broadcasting on SiriusXM channel 14 which was previously on channel 11, maintaining its contemporary hit radio from Los Angeles and making it one of the favorite stations for listeners to tune on.

With only two stations remaining, KIIS FM on the radio was dropped from the satellite service on June 1 2022 along with the WHTZ Z100 and moved back to its iHeartMedia platform. This ends its long partnership with the SiriusXM and the channel 14 which was previously ruled by KIIS FM now simulcasts Yacht Rock radio. It only ended its service in Sirius but the listener can still listen to their favorite station, still available on the iHeartMedia platform.

What Channel is KIIS FM on Sirius?

Kiss FM 102.7 MHz was first broadcasted in SiriusXM on channel 11 then later it was shifted to channel 14 of the radio satellite until the KIIS FM departed from the radio service on June 1 2022 and the spot was taken over by Yacht Rock radio.

Kiss FM Radio Journey to Popularity

The station has now become the top radio station based in Los Angeles with more than one million average listeners at the present.

But the station wasn’t as popular as it is now, it had struggled a lot through its long journey to become the no.1 station and one of the leading entertaining radio stations. Before it was named KIIS which is pronounced as Kiss, its call sign was KKDJ, which simulcasted with another station KIIS 1150 AM in 1975 which is why KKDJ changed its call sign and became KIIS FM officially in the 2000s.

The station focused on adult contemporary and evolved to format Top 40 but then to dance and disco music which was also not much of a good idea then it again changed back to Top 40 trying its best to reach more listeners. During its early journey, it had well-known radio personalities like Charlie Tuna and Rick Dees who had hosted its morning shows and it had many DJs joining its various shows including Humble Harvey, Danny Martinez, John Peter, and others.

Then later in the 2000s, Ryan Seacrest joined as the host of its morning show on the Top 40 Contemporary hit radio station and has become one of its vital parts along with other presenters including Sisanie, Rubi, Raphael, Jesse Lozano, and others. The station has gained wide listeners because it includes all genres of music from dance music, R&B, hip hop, and pop from the current top music charts along with celebrities’ gossip news and interviews with celebrities and musicians have made it more appealing.

The station was also awarded the Marconi Award for Contemporary hit radio station of the year in 2010 and it was also one of the highest billing stations in the nation in 2008 at $66.3 million.