Dana Perino currently is known for being one of the top news journalists on Fox News and is best known for her longest career as one of the commentators on Fox News The Five, a roundtable weekday show.

Apart from her career at Fox, she is known for being the 26th White House press secretary during George W. Bush’s presidency and for serving various other positions in the office.

She has been a part of the American government since the 2000s and has devoted herself to various responsible posts in the office before she started her career on Fox News.

The White House Story: Was Dana Perino Suspended?


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There have been many incidents during Perino’s career from her time being in the White House and her time later as a part of the Fox News where she has come through a lot and learned a lot from the various life moments.

She shared all the big and small incidents that have helped her to grow and become mature in taking her life in a proper direction and she wants to let the youngsters out there know a few things they will experience as she had when she herself was young through her bestseller book called Everything Will Be Okay.

She talks about her own time when she first joined the White House as the deputy press secretary in 2005. So in her new workplace, she visited President Bush for the first time in the Oval Office when she saw the president upset over her.

She was asked by her boss Dan Bartlet to go to the Oval Office and be present with the president who will be having an interview with a reporter but the president never agreed to the interview and was somewhat annoyed to see a new staff member, who came in and asked him for an unknown interview.

Then the president told her to see herself out of the office by cocking his head and this was one of the tough times for her which made her feel like she was not suitable for the job and felt like she will be getting a suspension.

But she later mentioned how despite her poor start she managed to stay strong and fulfill her duty as the press secretary in the White House under President Bush and then he even became a great mentor and a career counselor during her time on the job.

This is how she learns how to let go of small matters in her work and keep going forward without giving up her goal for unnecessary reasons.

Dana Perino The Five


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Perino before being part of Fox News was serving the white house since the 2000s and had worked under President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2009 and President Barack Obama from 2010 to 2012.

While still working for the white house, she joined Fox News as a contributor in 2009, then after leaving the white house she became a full-time part of the channel as a political commentator. She is best known for being part of the weekday’s roundtable discussion forum of Fox, The Five along with her co-hosts including Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and Jeanine Pirro.

Apart from the popular talk forum, she is also part of the Fox Mornings News America’s Newsroom alongside her co-host Bill Hemmer, where they discuss the latest morning headlines and current happenings in the nation and the world.

She also previously hosted her own show called the daily briefing with Dana Perino and currently, she is hosting another show under her name Dana Perino’s book club which started in 2019.

There was a time when Perino was not seen in The Five or in other of her daily shows which raised many questions if she was suspended and if so.

Why was Dana Perino Suspended?


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During the last year, 2021 Perino was not seen in most of her shows and was missing, which caused many to think if she is leaving Fox or might be suspended for an unknown reason, so then, where was Dana Perino?

The host was going through various changes in her life, one of them, losing her pup Jasper. Jasper affectionately was also called America’s dog, who was turned into an Insta star by Perino, through posting every single picture of him but sadly, died of cancer on September 4, 2021. He was a brown vizsla and at the time of his death, he was 9 years old and has been seen appearing with Perino in many of her shows on the Fox News.

Jasper who was like a child and very dear to her and her husband saddened them very much which caused her to take a brief break from her work. And then she later briefly came back to the shows and again took time off and went on a vacation with her family which is also the reason for many to suspect her leaving the Fox, but that was not the case.

Why is Dana Perino Not on Fox?


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Dana Perino turned 50 last month and celebrated it with all her friends and colleagues and had a special dinner date with her husband Peter McMahon. She still was busy with her packed work schedule but she also had a premade vacation plan with her husband to Spain at the end of May, which is why she was again missing from the Fox. But she posted a recent post, about her return from Spain and reuniting with her new pup Percy, with a picture of Percy giving a side gaze.