Recently Roddur Roy has been making headlines in the news and the reason being the controversial comments he has recently made on his social media platform. So what did he do for being a new topic of discussion in India? We will be getting into that but before that let’s get to know him better.

Roddur Roy Wiki: Who is Roddur Roy? His Biography

Roddur Roy born in Kolkata West Bengal is a well-known YouTuber and an internet celebrity from India, apart from this he is also a music composer, singer, and author best known for his book And Stella Turns a Mom.

Roy’s YouTube channel has about 326k subscribers and he first became known and popular through his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is basically on everything from philosophy, social problems, and issues to political issues in the nation, he comes up with a particular recent happening to discuss with his viewers and to give his explicit and expletive opinion on it.

This is also the reason why he has been the subject of many controversies as the YouTuber is very explicit about his commentary and speaks his mind, but his straightforward way of commentary is another reason for his YouTube popularity among the people.

He is also a music composer, guitarist, and singer and can be seen singing his own composed songs mostly remaking and remodifying Rabindranath Tagore songs in various of his YouTube videos.

Roddur Roy Qualification

Roy did his schooling and college in Kolkata itself. He graduated from Ramnagar college, Medinipur with a background in consciousness science and IT business. He has worked for various art museums during his past career as an expert in surrealism and postmodernism linguistics, which means he also has a background in the linguistic field.

Roy is also a dedicated spiritualist, nature and animal activist plus art lover, he is also the founder of moxism based on the beliefs and principles of love, liberty, and peace which he believes is the way to reach individuals and the whole societal salvation and peace.

Roddur Roy Family

There is not much known about his family but according to the revelations made by Sandy Saha, another internet personality from west Bengal, both are married. According to sources, both are married and they both have similar interests in remaking and composing Rabindranath Tagore pieces of music.

Why is Roddur Roy Arrested?

Now coming to our main question, why is he arrested? The Youtuber as we have mentioned is popular for his explicit commentary about various issues happening in the nation and sometimes his discussion also becomes expletive causing controversies.

During his Facebook live Roy was talking about recent happenings in West Bengal and during the time he brought up the topic of singer KK or Krishna Kumar Kunnath, 53 dead, during a performance at Nazrul Mancha auditorium in Kolkata.

The singer after his performance collapsed suddenly in his hotel room and was taken to the hospital but was declared dead by the doctor by the time on the night of 31 May, later the cause of his death was revealed to be cardiac arrest.

The singer also complained about not feeling well and feeling uneasy before the concert but he still was up on the stage performing for hours. KK’s sudden demise has shocked everyone, he made a name for himself in Bollywood in the 90s and became one of the well-liked playback singers in the industry. His death was mourned by the whole film industry from Akshay Kumar, and Vicky Kaushal to prime minister Narendra Modi along with the whole nation.

So when Roddur Roy brought up the topic during his Bengal political live talk he accused and blamed the Trinamool Congress government for their mismanagement at the concert which caused the death of a popular singer KK. During the live he uses expletive, mocking, and defamatory remarks toward Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and other members of the party including mp Abhishek Banerjee, leader Firhad Hakim, and a few others.

Then later the party’s spokesperson Riju Dutta filed a complaint against Roy for his defamatory remarks towards the respected leader of the government at Chitpur police station in Bengal. But at the time of the reported complaint, Roy was not in the state and the Kolkata police team went to Goa to arrest him, Roy was finally arrested on Tuesday 7 May.

The police received multiple complaints against him from different parts of the state after his live video, authorities then removed his live video from the social platform after various complaints.

Another Trinamool member Kunal Ghosh said,

“He should have been arrested much earlier. He uses such derogatory words to distort even Rabindra sangeet and uses slang to malign someone he doesn’t like on social media. But no one took any steps. I hope no one will question why he was arrested.”

Currently, Roy is under police custody in Goa but he will be brought back to Kolkata by its police team after the transit clearance from the Goa court to transfer him to Kolkata.