Most people, users as well as non-users of iPhone, are aware of iPhone and its latest models but only a few of them are aware of the people who actually have a major contribution to the company and its masterminds.

Ana Arriola previously worked for the Apple company which she left for Theranos, led by Elizabeth Holmes, months later she left it as well.

Ana Arriola was born a man and originally from North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and moved to Japan for ten years before returning to California from where she often travels to Japan to and from. Initially, she worked for Apple and was a part of the team that first created the Apple iPhone.

When she interviewed for the Apple company, she was a man; she had not transitioned yet then. Ana transited to the female gender after accumulating enough wealth and getting support from her family.

Currently, Ana Arriola is working as the director of product design and research at Microsoft since 2018, after the exposure of Elizabeth Holmes’ frauds. She also worked for other giant companies in design executive positions such as Facebook, Samsung, and Sony before joining Microsoft.

One interesting thing about Ana Arriola that people often wonder about is her gender identity. Not much is known about her personal life. The only information that’s available about her is that she has openly stated that she is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, is a transgender, goes by the pronoun They/She/Queer, and is a Latinx woman of Trans and Non-Binary Experience.

She is a transsexual and often uses social media to advocate and spread awareness for the cause of the LGBTQ+ community.  Nonetheless, she is active in her field of work and she has made sure that her work speaks for her. She continues to work for monster tech firms and is contributing in the best ways she can.

Is The TV Show “DropOut” based on Real Events?

If you’re wondering whether the character of Ana from the show DropOut is real, then yes, she is real. Being a transgender, Ana Arriola has voiced her opinions on the political front related to the LGBTQ+ community and has also praised the performance of a transgender actor Nicky Andres who played Ana’s character in the TV Show DropOut. 

The TV Show DropOut is based on the fraud company Theranos founded by Elizabeth Holmes. The company basically aimed at making history in the field of medical science by making breakthrough inventions.

However, in order to make such inventions, Holmes needed a tremendous amount of funds to create something that would detect diseases and ailments with just a drop of blood. This seemed impossible for most people that Holmes approached so she turned to millionaires who would be willing to put their names as major contributors to the possibility of a medical breakthrough.

As this kind of invention would require a huge amount of funds, Holmes approached millionaires who wanted such an invention to be made possible, only to be fooled by such claims and end up losing all the money that they had invested in.

Elizabeth Holmes seemed to be a character interesting enough to be made into a real-life event-based show. The cast of the show includes Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes, Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani (Elizabeth’s Boyfriend and President and Chief Operating Officer of Theranos ), Nicky Andres as Ana Arriola, Dylan Minnette as Tyler Shultz, and Elizabeth Marvel as Noel Holmes.

Insight into Ana’s Early Life and Net Worth

Ana Arriola, an ex-employee of Theranos, is a transwoman and not much is known about her early life. Her real name is Ana Arriola and her birth name and birthdate are not known. All that’s available in her own claims and history with defunct biotech company Theranos, which she left after getting to know her employer better and began to doubt the credibility of the company.

She has been linked with big names in Silicon Valley because of which she was eyed on by Elizabeth Holmes for giving credibility to her company and the alleged work that she was trying to bring to life.

Ana’s Net Worth currently is estimated to be above 5 million US Dollars as she has been working for giant techs for almost two decades and has proved to be an asset for the companies.

She has also been listed among the most powerful LGBTQ+ people in Tech because of her contribution to several giant tech firms. She is not very active when it comes to updating her personal life events on social media but the tech world is booming with her contribution.