Jesse Diggins is one of the most experienced and talented sportspeople when it comes to cross-country skiing. The Minnesota native is a good example of the fact that success never comes easily.

Competing at the Olympics means arduous preparation all year round with special emphasis on physical fitness. Jessie has claimed that for her, rest and sleep are just as important as training vigorously to stay in ship shape.

She is used to doing tons of cardio because cross-country skiing is essentially an endurance sport. Jessie has also mentioned how she and her team spend time roller skiing as this is as close as it gets to cross country skiing. The skis when used on a hard surface such as a road or a track are a great way of emulating the winter sport.

Jessie Diggins Hottest Photos

In one of her interviews, she has claimed that as a high schooler she was a dancer, soccer player, swimmer, and track runner. Fitness and exercise have always been part of Jessie Diggins’ life. This plus the vigorous training that she endures every time she prepares for the Olympics is the secret of her amazing figure.

Jessie Diggins has an exquisite figure that makes her a lovely muse for even a bikini photoshoot. Listed above are some of Jessie  Diggins’ red carpet images along with bikini pics and candid shots of Jesse flaunting her well-toned figure.

Jessie’s Workouts

There are times when Jessie has had to train six days a week twice a day. Jessie’s strict regime includes a lot of interval training. Predictably Jessie emphasizes the importance of sleep.

On a regular day, she has said she manages to squeeze in 9 to 10 hours of sleep. She also vouches for power naps by revealing how she manages a 45-minute nap during the day. Jessie’s workouts are highly intense so she requires a lot of sleep to recuperate.

Another fact that she swears by is taking the time to unwind which she says is just as important as doing killer workouts. Jessie reveals that she puts away her phone about half an hour before going to sleep. She says that she also reads something every day which helps her relax and sleep well.


During the Winter Olympics 2018, Jesse took the world by surprise by winning a gold medal in women’s cross-country skiing and has well-deserved hopes of becoming a repeat Olympic Champion at Beijing this year. Here’s wishing Jessie the very best for Winter Olympics 2022.