The story of Abigail Fernandez has been such that it instilled fear and a new approach to studying the causes of abductions as well as psychological studies of abductors.

To know about Abby Hernandez’s wiki, the first thing to know is that, Abigail, also known as Abby, was a freshman in Highschool when she was kidnapped by a stranger who went missing for 9 months.

This incident took place in October of 2013 in North Conway, New Hampshire. She was a teenager of 14 years then who made the mistake of trusting a stranger who offered to drop her home.

On the day of the incident, she was returning home from school when a stranger driving a car offered her to drop her home. She asked him to drop her at a restaurant but he changed the route.

This alarmed her and her survival instincts immediately kicked in. The stranger/ kidnapper Nate Kibby (Nathaniel Kibby) drove her to his house and kept her in a sound-proof storage container for 9 months where he physically and mentally abused and assaulted her.

Is “The Girl In The Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez” A True Story?

Abby Hernandez’s case inspired the movie “The Girl In The Shed: the Kidnapping Of Abby Hernandez” and the events revolving around her case. The movie is based solely based on Abby’s abduction case and her abductor Nate Kibby. Abby’s role was played by Lindsay Navarro, Ben Savage played the role of Nate Kibby and Erica Durance played the role of Abby’s mother in the movie.

The movie showcases the event that led to Abby’s abduction and the events that followed, also the many crimes committed by Nate before and during Abby’s stay with him and the abuses he made Abby go through. Abby Hernandez produced a lifetime movie based on this very incident of her kidnapping.

What did Nate Kibby do to Abby?

After he kidnapped her he took her to his place of residence and locked her in his sound-proof storage container. Nate was not just an abductor but also had other felonies against him.

He was involved in making counterfeit money and putting it in illegal use and made Abby assist him with the counterfeit money-making. He used a shock collar which he tied around her neck to stop her from trying to escape or make loud noises.

As narrated by Abby, after she had been kidnapped, she went through a lot of physical and mental abuse. She was raped and abused on many occasions and was made to assist him with the counterfeit money.

In the initial stage of being kidnapped, she knew she had to do anything possible to try and escape and therefore, tried all she could and used her survival instincts to get out of the unfortunate situation. Kibby made Abby write a letter to her mother to discourage the search operation for Abby and mislead her mother and the officials involved in this case.

Abby cunningly etched some hints of her abduction behind the letter with her nails but unfortunately, it was caught by her abductor after which he shocked her with the collar and abused her as a punishment for trying to escape.

How Long was Abby Hernandez Held Captive?

Abby was held captive for 9 months during which she suffered in ways she never imagined. The search operation for Abby started soon after she went missing. She was held captive just 30 miles away from her residence and was still unable to be found with the officials and her families involved.

How did Abby Hernandez Escape?

As Abby’s last attempt failed miserably, she had to opt for a different strategy and needed to apply it in such a way that would not make Kibby suspect her in any way. She did this by trying to gain his trust and gradually get out of the sound-proof container.

She succeeded in gaining his trust and as a result, he started involving her in his felony such as making counterfeit money. He used the money to pay a prostitute who was arrested for making a payment with the fake money given by Kibby.

As soon as he realized the cops are arriving any day, he decided to clear his house of all evidence as much as he could, including Abby. He drove her somewhere a mile away from her house and left, from which Abby walked towards her house with joy and hope; Kibby was arrested a week later.

Abby Hernandez Today

The victim and the perpetrator met at the court where Abby said to Kibby:

“some people might call you a monster, but I’ve always looked at you as human. And I want you to know that even though life became a lot harder after that.. I still forgive you.”

Kibby pleaded guilty in 2016 and is serving jail time for 45-90 years. Abby today is a mother of a three-year-old son and says that she has never appreciated life the way she does today.