The American podcast show host John Bartolo was born on 27th June 1981. His career was not limited to just entertainment and talk shows but also to businesses that deal with firearms. He was the director of communications for Arsenal Inc. and CEO of Barrem Consulting which also deals with firms that make hand weapons such as guns.

He was of Italian descent and was born and raised in a Catholic family in East Boston, Massachusetts. John also completed his education including his degree in Massachusetts. He had a successful career as the host of a podcast show and also his arms business.

As the originator and executive producer of the podcast The John Bartolo Show, he had quite a few fans following him on his social media account although John himself has not revealed much about his personal and family life and shares mostly his work-related activities rather than his personal day-to-day activities with his family.

His podcast show was liked by people for its educative nature and this made his career as a show host successful and promised a long and successful career ahead.

John Bartolo: Cause of Death and Obituary

Neither John’s family and friends, nor the authorities have revealed the exact cause of his death to the public or the press and the fans are curious to know the reason for that. The media, however, assumed that he was probably suffering from cancer but John never talked about it, at least not in the public.

There was also no news of his illness or hospitalization before breaking the news of his death to the media. He died on 6th March 2022 and nobody in the media has yet been able to draw the reason for his death so far.

Although his friends and acquaintances and the people he worked with, his management team have expressed sorrow regarding his tragic end and paid tribute to him.

Many also expressed concern and prayers on social media for his close friends and his family who were going through this difficult time of losing someone very near and dear during this global crisis with the pandemic. They talked about how John was a great man and also a great friend who introduced people to those that would help them and inspire them.

The assumptions made about his death do not have solid proof so therefore, it is alleged. This is no surprise as John himself was not very public about his personal life and family life. His promising career and seemingly happy life were something his fans could not really link to or fathom his death for.

Some of his fans cannot really come to terms with the fact that the cause of his death has not been made public. There are some conspiracy theories making rounds among his fans. This does not change the ways his family and friends want to deal with the situation. He passed away at the age of 40 because of which some people think he must have had a family of his own rather than just his parents and relatives.

Whether he had a wife or a girlfriend or had children is unknown to the public. The only people who can answer these questions are his family, relatives, and friends as well the authorities. However, in this sad situation, none of them want to make any such information public which has made his fans curious and seems to be bothering their minds.

John Bartolo: Career and Net Worth

As the podcast host of The John Bartolo Show, John had a successful and promising career for the future ahead. He earned not only from the podcast show but he was also trained in martial arts and therefore, had an interest in the field of arms and ammunitions and made earnings through that as well.

He was the CEO of the media company Barrem Consulting and had tie-ups with various other communication firms. John was also the director of communication at Arsenal which further pushed his earnings and following.

Since he was never public with his assets and properties or the things he owned as a private owner, nor did he ever talk about his earnings from the shows and his businesses, there is not much information available at the time.

The estimation of his net worth is based on the average income as a show host and as the owner and director of his communication firms. The estimation of his net worth is said to be between 1 million and 5 million US dollars and is not the exact amount as it could be more or less than this amount.