Neil Cavuto, the 63-year-old American news anchor and host of Fox Business channel, has been struggling with health issues for the past several months. The host of three television programs “Your World with Neil Cavuto”, “Cavuto Live”, and “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Fox News and its sister channel Fox Business Network is a well-known television personality and leads a successful career.

Before that let’s talk about his earlier life and see when was the time when he started facing difficulty on the health front. Neil Cavuto had been acquainted with health issues from early on as he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and stage 4 cancer and fought it nonetheless. He had his own share of physical ailments for the majority of his life as well as soon after the start of his career.

What was Wrong with Neil Cavuto?

A type of cancer, called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, attacked Neil Cavuto, leading to damaging his own immune system. After successful treatment, he got rid off the disease in 1987.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of his physical struggles. Ten years later he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative neurological disease that affects the nerves and can make the person bound to a wheelchair as a result of paralysis.

Although doctors say that the same person getting cancer and Multiple Sclerosis is a rare occurrence, for Neil it was a reality that he had to deal with for the rest of his life.  His illness didn’t stop him or discourage him from getting through with his life and going on successfully with his career.

Where was Neil Cavuto? Was Neil Cavuto Sick Recently?

Neil Cavuto was contracted Covid-19 in October 2021 and was hospitalized in the ICU chamber. He had been absent from Fox News since then. The channel didn’t make news out of his absence by his own wish as he had requested not to make his illness the topic of any news on the Fox Channel. Many of his viewers were wondering what happened to Cavuto and why he was not appearing on his shows. He did not seem to appear anywhere on television or on Fox News as an anchor.

The reason is this would lead to distraction from other important news going on in the world.

“They were honoring my wishes, out of respect for my privacy, even though they were getting a lot of heat trying to protect my privacy,” said Cavuto.

“I wasn’t really hiding anything. I just felt I wasn’t the story. The stories on this show were and are the story. It’s about you, it’s not about me. Just like this show. My opinions don’t matter. You matter. The news matters.”

He added, being well aware that in spite of not trying to be the topic, he still became for many people. However, he made a comical comeback where he addressed his “so-called” haters and said he is not leaving anytime soon despite their wishes.

His absence from the news channel was filled by guest hosts Charles Payne and Sandra Smith who hosted the shows in place of Cavuto till his return. After his return to the screen, he assured his fans that he won’t give up so soon and will continue with his work for as long as possible. The channel was facing questions for his absence and Cavuto made the air clear about it.

Neil Cavuto’s Struggle with Covid-19 and Other Health Issues

After his return on the channel, he pleaded with his viewers to get vaccinated as his doctors informed him about his vulnerability to Covid-19 being a patient of Multiple Sclerosis and had been treated for Cancer previously which made him immunocompromised.

Cavuto explained how he fought Covid-19 because of the vaccine, as otherwise, he would not be present in front of his viewers today because of several other illnesses that he was struggling with.

“But let me be clear, doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here. It provided some defense. Maybe not great comfort for some of you. And frankly, not great comfort for me either.” Said Cavuto on the channel Fox Business live.

He felt that it was important to inform people about the importance of getting vaccinated through his own experience as there were huge protests going on around the world, throughout the continents, and especially in the US against the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The protests were not necessarily about the vaccine entirely, but the mandates put over the vaccines and the fact that many offices and public places were banning unvaccinated people from entering the places or compounds.

Nevertheless, Neil Cavuto and his viewers and fans are cherished to see him back on the channel hosting his shows again. His journey throughout his life and struggles with his sickness is not something that he wishes even on his enemies. Cavuto had suffered from multiple illnesses but that didn’t stop him from getting on with his life and career.

He is back to hosting his shows and uses that platform to educate his viewers about the importance of awareness of one’s physical ailments and that nothing should be taken lightly, as people often neglect those who are going through their own illness but shy away from revealing it from the fear of being pushed aside.