Lifetime TV is an American cable channel. Lifetime movies are famous for airing shows with bold female protagonists in authentic roles. A 16-year-old Kayla Adams true story and the institutional child abuse is the inspiration behind their upcoming movie Cruel instructions.

What will be in the Lifetime Movie? The True Story of Kayla Adams

The movie will intrigue most of your drama fanatics but let me tell you all this is far from drama or simple narrations; the movie reveals many aspects of reality and is based on actual events and accounts of many, hopefully, we will get more to see on Kayla Adams Twitter and other social media.

To begin with the wiki facts, the first thing to know is that Karen Adams (Cynthia Bailey) is the mother of Kayla Adams (Kelsey mama). Kayla gets expelled from her school, her mother Karen comes in contact with her school counselor who suggests that it is best for Kayla to be sent off to a residential treatment program.

Later in the story, Kayla and Amanda (Morgan Taylor) arrive on the same date. Amanda is a treatment program veteran. Miss Connie (Camryn Manheim) is the headmistress for the residential treatment program. The two young women soon realize what they are up against and band together to survive and to fight against the abuse they have sustained.

The Documentary: “What Happens at Youth Treatment Centers”

Beyond the Headlines: Cruel Instruction is a documentary that will feature interviewees that are treatment program survivors. It will be airing immediately after Cruel Instructions.

No, the story is not just about Kayla or Amanda. The project mentions the use of draconian methods towards all the residents of the center; from force-feeding medications, arbitrary punishments, solitary confinement, verbal and physical abuse to keep the students in line, everything goes unnoticed.

One might question how this can go unnoticed, if you have been keeping up with the news you will know how millions of dollars are used as funding for such residential treatment centers for youth, the focus is being able to enroll more and more youth in need mostly these numbers dictate the infrastructure and the availability of the beds.

If looking at it from another perspective the real question is, are these the only needs? and if the real crisis is being addressed or not?

The documentary will be highlighting the truths of youth residential centers, with the growing stresses and strains on teens like PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and more than the survivors have to carry with them for the rest of their lives, and more education will be given on the same.

This survivor-led non-profit organization (Breaking code silence) is doing the much needed by this collaboration. Lifetime has also announced its partnership with the organization.

Who is on the Cast?

Let me introduce you to the all-so-familiar stars from the cast of this lifetime movies, as tv casts are often very different from the actors that play them here’s a little background work, you all must recognize Camryn Manheim from Law and Order then there is Cynthia Bailey who has been seen in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kelsey mama with Morgan Taylor Campbell and Viv Leacock is also starring in significant roles. Do not forget to catch up with these stars on Cruel Instructions.

What did Cynthia Bailey have to Say About It?

Early February this year on the 6th of Feb Cynthia posted on her Instagram a caption and what she had to say about cruel instructions and the real story of many teens with this shared tragedy.

“I am so excited for you all to meet “Karen” in @lifetimetv’s new movie “Cruel Instruction” airing on March 12 at 8 pm EST.”

This story is inspired by actual events relating to the “troubled teen industry.”

“With over 50,000 teens sent annually to under-regulated behavior modification facilities, Lifetime has partnered with the non-profit organization Breaking Code Silence to shine a light on the abusive practices of teen residential treatment programs.”

Cruel instructions will be only 1 hour and 25 minutes in duration. Directed by Stanley M. Brooks, this Lifetime movie is dated to get released on 12th March.