Cristina Cawthorn or Cristina Bayardelle is now the ex-wife of Maddison Cawthorn, due to irreconcilable differences with the Republican congressmen. Maddison Cawthorn admits to the pair getting separated. In late December 2021, the pair separated.

Cristina is an American CrossFit trainer, Instagram model, personal fitness instructor and she is also associated with a fitness company. 28 years old Cristina has competed in 6 different crossword competitions. Cristina Bayardelle’s net worth is approximately estimated to be around 1 million dollars.

She was married to Maddison for 8 months and they have no child out of their not-so-long marriage.

She and Maddison got married before he went on to become a congressman. The couple aspired to have a lavish lifestyle which did not sit well in such hectic circumstances. Being a politician brings a lot of unassociated responsibilities. They failed to maintain a work-life balance as a couple.

This is what Maddison had to say about their marriage:

“From the outset, we committed to making things work, to fight for our marriage, and seek counsel to balance the enormity of such a transition in life. Together, we realized that balance was not attainable and that we had irreconcilable differences between us.”

Cristina Bayardelle didn’t say anything different. She spoke very highly of her husband for the duration that he was and supported his statements by saying that the lifestyle shift was very unexpected and like every marriage, they have had their difficulties.

Maddison Cawthorn was elected to Congress in 2020. Maddison, since 2021, has been North Carolina’s 11th congressional district’s representative.

He has also made strong comments on the Ukraine Russia war recently. He is one of the youngest members of congress and his net worth is 49 Million dollars.

Here is Their Story

Maddison and Cristina met at a CrossFit competition.

Cawthorn was in for back surgery and as he feared it would prevent him from flying and ended up planning a trip. Right before that, he went to St. Petersburg, Russia, with his pals.

“We just decided to take $100 each and go into a casino and see how it went,” Cawthorn said.

He met Todd there, a fellow American, and captain in the US army. He was originally from Miami. Over a year and a half, they developed a great relationship.

Eventually, Todd invited Maddison to a CrossFit competition to which Maddison replied:

“Well, Todd, I’m in a wheelchair. I obviously can’t do CrossFit.’ And he said, ‘Well, just do the pull-up section,”

Cawthorn said he attended the competition but found out it

“All was a sham. It was a fake CrossFit competition.”

“He just wanted to put me in the same room with the girl who was eventually going to become my fiancée. And so, we did, and her and I hit it off, and it’s been a magical relationship ever since,” Cawthorn added.

Cawthorn eventually got married to Cristina on 3rd April 2021, it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Hendersonville, North Carolina with all their friends and family present. Before this, they were engaged for almost a year and a half. They got engaged in December of 2019.

Cristina being an influencer and Cawthorn being an elected member of the congress, the couple was always in the public eye, they didn’t shy away from sharing pictures of their life and work on Instagram or Twitter.

An adorable picture of the couple taken on their wedding day of Cristina Cawthorn in a wheelchair with Maddison has been circulating all around the web, she also takes her job as a trainer very passionately and has many hot workout pictures on her personal Instagram.

Cristina Cawthorn Hot Pics

Did Maddison and Cristina Cawthorn Meet with an Accident?

Life for Cawthorn wasn’t always like this, so was Cristina Cawthorn in an accident? No, Maddison Cawthorn’s wife was not the one in the accident, it was Maddison himself, exactly 7 years from his date of marriage. The accident left Maddison paralyzed hip down and he uses a wheelchair.

Cawthorn had his legs on the dashboard while his friend fell asleep behind the wheels. Cawthorn became unconscious as soon as the vehicle hit a concrete wall. His friend helped himself and then reaching over to Maddison broke the glass of the window, all that while calling for him to wake up.

The car was in a bad shape and flames had started to engulf the vehicle from the rear end. Luckily his friend had some help and he eventually pulled Cawthorn out from his seat and tied his bleeding wound tight, waiting on the same street until help arrived.

The whole incident was narrated by Madisson’s CEO friend, Leo. He narrated after Cawthorn accused Ledford of leaving him to die, though throughout the time of these years their relationship has gone back to being better than ever. Cawthorn hasn’t made any official statements or comments.

This is what Ledford had to say:

“I guess he hasn’t maybe made a public statement yet about the truth about the crash because he doesn’t want to go back on it or prove that he was falsely speaking before?” Ledford says. “I don’t know.”

He also said that marrying Cristina was the “greatest honor, privilege, and adventure” of his life. Unfortunately, the pair have separated.