Mr. Mayor is an American sitcom that first aired in January 2021 and the second season was renewed a few months later in the same year. It was a popular series that acquired the audience’s praise. Mr. Mayor was one of the shows on NBC and has two seasons and ten episodes in total.

The second season premiered on NBC on 15th March of this year and is also aired on a few other sister channels. The series is basically about a businessman named Neil Bremer who joins politics and decides to run for the position of Mayor of his city. He faces several personal issues as well as in his workplace from his colleagues who often try to create obstacles in executing his ideas.

At home, his teenage daughter Orly, played by Kyla Kennedy goes against his father’s disciplinary words and lives a life with her own choices. Neil Bremer struggles with juggling his work and personal life but nevertheless, ends up managing it all, though not without facing criticisms from people in society and his workplace.

He fights for proving himself as he wants his daughter to acknowledge and see him as a worthy person. At the same time, he wants to prove to the people of his city that he is a capable person to run his city and help the environment.

While Mr. Mayor is well-liked by its viewers, we cannot forget The Good Place, a comic series that was a big hit amongst the audience as well and was aired on NBC in the year 2016. Though the series has officially ended, the fans are wondering if Mr. Mayor show was a sequel to it.

NBC’s Mr. Mayor was thought to be a sequel of The Good Place because the actor who played the lead role of Neil Bremer, Ted Danson, had also played a major role in the series of The Good Place as the role of Michael.

The Good Place storyline goes that Eleanor, who is a corrupt businesswoman, gets sent into the afterlife of a ‘good place’ by mistake and ends up liking the place. In order to remain in ‘the good place’, she needs to hide her real identity as she will get sent to ‘the bad place’ if her real identity is revealed.

Throughout the course of the series, we come to know that the people who were sent to ‘the good’ place were just part of an experimental good place set up by Michael. In the end, Michael gets his wish fulfilled of being a human and living like one, who will eventually die and experience ‘the good place’ and have the option of choosing between ‘the good place’ and being free in the universe.

The role of Michael is played by actor, Ted Danson, who also plays the role of Neil Bremer in Mr. Mayor after the show The Good Place ended, hence, the confusion amongst the viewers.

Where to Watch Mr. Mayor?

Mr. Mayor has been a part of the NBC Networks hence, the show will be aired on NBC and a few other sister channels of NBC. The cast of Mr. Mayor features Ted Danson as Neil Bremer, Holly Hunter as Arpi Meskimen the deputy mayor, Vella Lovell as Mikaela Shaw who is Neil’s chief of staff, and Kyla Ken\nedy as Neil’s rebellious teenage daughter Orly Bremer. The second season aired on 15th March and is currently running on the affiliated channels.