The Hit-and-Run case of Vicky Lyons was aired on Forensic Files with the episode named “Treading Not So Lightly.

Vicky Lyons was born on 3rd September 1976 in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas, USA. She was the daughter of William Harry Lyons and Crystal Bailey Lyons and is survived by her parents post her untimely demise.

The professional Women’s wrestler had several hobbies and interests and had worked for the Highspots Wrestling School of Charlotte. She also studied in the field of Mass Media while she was into the wrestling field for six years.

She loved spending time doing belly dancing and also happened to be an animal lover who owned pets such as dogs and cats.

At the age of four, she met with an accident in a hit and run case because of which she was left with permanent deformation of her face. This unfortunate incident was shown in detail in HLN’s sixth season of Forensic Files, in the ninth episode wherein her mother Crystal led the investigation to give justice to her daughter and get compensation for the unfortunate incident.

Vicky Lyons: The “Forensic Files” Episode

The ninth episode of the sixth season of Forensic Files showcased the tragic incident that happened with Crystal Lyons and her daughter Vicky Lyons in the year 1980 when Vicky was four years of age. The story is about the little girl who survived getting hit by a truck but was left with certain external as well as internal deformities of the brain and the face respectively, as a result of the accident.

The episode starts off with Crystal, Vicky’s mother, who calls her boss to inform him that Vicky’s babysitter will not be coming today so she cannot leave her 4-year-old daughter alone at home. The boss was furious and threatened to fire her from the job if she does not join the office because of which Crystal was left with no option but to take Vicky along.

Later during the working hour, the boss told little Vicky to play in the parking lot instead of loitering around in the office lobby, as claimed by the two women in the episode which was when Vicky was 25 years of age when the episode was filmed in 2001.

After some time when Crystal went to the parking lot to take Vicky, she saw her lying unconscious on the ground next to the toys she was playing with and had a tire mark on her face which made Crystal skip a heartbeat.

Nobody else was present at the same time and place to witness the accident but they found a truck nearby that had a little bloodstain on it for which the driver was arrested as a suspect. It was later found that the driver, named J.B Hardeman, was a fish peddler and the blood on his truck was not human.

What Came Out of the Investigation?

Later in the investigation, the authorities dropped the case as they saw it as a civil matter while Vicky lay in a coma that lasted for three weeks resulting in her not being able to walk or speak. Vicky Lyons’ car accident matter was put aside as the parking lot was not somewhere a driver would not expect a child to be.

Crystal approached Bennett H. Beach, who specialized in forensic tire evidence. He told Crystal that the tire mark on Vicky’s face matched the Golden sonic 78 tire patterns of a Ford pickup truck that the Big Spring Herald newspaper company had.

The driver (kept anonymous by the show) said he never saw anyone being hit as he did not expect any child to be there and it was also pointed out that the supervisor was at fault for letting a child play in a parking lot which always had vehicles rushing.

They were compensated with an amount of $750,000 which they used for treating Vicky’s damaged sense of hearing, seeing, and balancing.

How did Vicky Lyons Pass Away?

Vicky Lyons’ cause of death is something people are trying to find out ever since they found out that she passed away a decade after filming the episode. Vicky Lyons’ obituary is not available to the public but according to some sources, it is said that she suffered from Aneurysm and died in 2011 at the age of 34.

Vicky’s life has not been documented to a great extent but at some point in an interview said that she wants people to ask her the reason for the deformities rather than stare at her, which is an unfortunate thing to happen to anyone.