Nowadays, a term called binge-watching has become very famous among youths. Now, what does the term exactly mean? It is the process of watching more than one episode of a television series in a continuous manner.

Nowadays Netflix is one of the digital platforms which allow us to binge-watch. We can binge any series and one of the series which became quite popular was Breaking Bad.

The cast includes Walter White, Skyler White, Ted Beneke, and many more.

Who is Walter White?

The character Walter White is portrayed by Bryan Cranston. He is a co-owner of a car wash and a high school chemistry teacher, methamphetamine manufacturer. He does many illicit activities in the series. He is also the husband of Skyler White.

Now let’s find out who Skyler White and Ted Beneke are?

Who is Skyler White?

The character Skyler White was played by Anna Gunn. Her occupation in the series was a short story writer, bookkeeper, car wash manager, and taxi dispatcher. She played the role of an anti-heroine.

Who is Ted Beneke?

The character Ted Beneke was played by Christopher Cousins. He was the ex-lover of Skyler White.

Why did Skyler Give Money to Ted?

During her work at the carwash, Ted asks for help from Skyler to derail the IRS because if the IRS investigates him he could go bankrupt. After listening to this, a realization dawned upon Skyler that the investigation of Ted can cause a ruckus in her life too because the IRS has the allowance to check anyone related to the case and this can reveal the illicit activities done by Walter White, Skyler’s husband.

During Ted’s investigation, Skyler fools the IRS and asks them to drop the charges if Ted pays the money $600,000.

What is the Relationship between Skyler White and Ted Beneke in “Breaking Bad”?

He was also the ex-boss of Skyler White. When Skyler was pregnant with her second child Holly and went into labor, Walt, her husband, was not there to drive her to the hospital so Ted drove her. Later Skyler came to know that Walt was cooking methamphetamine with his ex-student. She tries to take revenge on him by having an affair with Ted Beneke.

Let’s Find out the Interesting Cast of the Series “Breaking Bad

  • Walter White:  Portrayed by Bryan Cranston. Husband of Skyler White and a High school chemistry teacher. Does some illicit activities with his ex-student Jesse.

  • Skyler White: Portrayed by Anna Gunn. Played the role of an anti-heroine. Wife of Walter White. To protect her husband, she too does some illegal things.

  • Marrie Schrader: Radiologic technician Marrie is the sister of Skyler White. Betsy Brandt played the character of the late Hank Schrader’s wife aka Marrie.

  • Hank Schader: Portrayed by  Dean Norris. Husband of Marrie Schrader and brother-in-law of White.

  • Ted Beneke: One of the main characters of the Breaking Bad series, Ted Beneke is played by the famous actor Christopher Cousins.

  • Gus Fring: Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito. Boss of the drug company.

  • Todd: The character of Walter White’s lab assistant, Todd is portrayed by Jesse Plemons.

  • Saul Goodman: Portrayed by Bob Odenkirk. A con artist.

Spoilers of the Series “Breaking Bad”

  • Spoiler of Season 1: Walter White was diagnosed with lung cancer. Walt starts doing illicit activities such as cooking methamphetamine with his ex-student Jesse. Skyler, Walt’s wife, is pregnant with their second child Holly. Emilio and Krazy-8 were poisoned and strangled by Walt respectively.
  • Spoiler of Season 2: Jesse and Walt are kidnapped by Tuco. Simultaneously, getting him killed by Hank. Jesse and Walt are introduced to Gus Fring through Saul Goodman. Jane Jesse’s girlfriend dies due to an overdose of meth.
  • Spoiler of Season 3: Walt and Skyler reveal the truth about cooking methamphetamine with Jesse and sleeping with his boss, Ted respectively. Gus appoints Gale as his new partner after giving a warning to Walt. And a frightened Walt orders Jesse to kill Gale.
  • Spoiler of Season 4: Victor is Gus’s worker. He fires Walt. Walt lies to Jess about Andrea’s poisoning to convince him to strike against Gus. Hector Salamanca is killed in an explosion. Gus is also killed in the end.
  • Spoiler of Season 5: Walt and Jesse join Lydia and Jack. Hank realizes Walt is Heisenberg. Jack kills Mike and later realizes that Walt was the one who poisoned Andrea’s son. Jack kills Hank. Jack’s gang holds Jesse captive but Walt saves him and Jesse escapes to Camino. Jack and Lydia are killed by Walt.  Walt is killed by a remote-controlled machine gun.

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The takeaway is that Breaking Bad is a dark comedy American series. It is one of the greatest shows to watch. 95% of people liked this show. You can watch this show on Netflix. Comment down your opinion on the series. Happy binge-watching.