Born Brian Douglas Williams on 5th May 1959, he had been in the television field and worked as a journalist and news anchor for almost three decades. He had a successful career and continues to be someone who is admired by his colleagues and the audience alike.

He was born and raised in a catholic family and eventually attended catholic institutions as well for his education. He had left college because of which, he says, he regrets as pursuing his higher studies would have been an added advantage for him.

His mother’s name was Dorothy May who, in spite of being a stage performer, was not very well known across the country as she did not actively pursue her career as her focus was her family life. His father’s name was Lewis Gordon who had a successful career and was doing good in his field.

Brian first started off by working by broadcasting for news channels and later started covering news in the major cities of the US. He has a good number of credits to his name as his work was praised by the audience as he covered the news of Hurricane Katrina for which the network he worked for, received an award. His work and his team’s work were praised and their journalism was said to be what journalism should actually be.

Brian initially started working for the news channel NBC in 2014 and was an important and admired member of the team. He worked for 11 years i.e., till 2015 and in 2016 he began hosting a show of his own called “The 11th Hour With Brian Williams.”

He had anchored the news channels for several years from 1996 and kept going since then. Brian had active involvement with MSNBC since he started his show, which used to be telecast in the later hours of the evening and covered major events which resulted in the fast-growing viewership of the show and the channel.

What is Brian Williams Doing Now?

After running the nightly news show The 11th Hour With Brian Williams successfully for about 6 years, he decided to end the show in November of 2021 with a note to his audience and also to the rest of the people of his country. A month later in December, he had signed off of his position as the news anchor on NBC.

Here’s the retirement speech of Brian Williams.

What Happened to Brian Williams?

The American journalist seemed to be somewhat upset with the situation going on in the US and hence, expressed it to his viewers and hoped the rest of the people would also listen.

He had given a farewell speech on the last day of him working as the news anchor where he expressed his gratitude to the teams he had worked with and cherished them, but on the other hand, was worried about the state of his country where the people he always dreamed to be like, were turning into mobs and who had no regards for the righteousness.

Brian says that the people who had a good educational background and had the potential to lead the younger generation, have ended up being the kind of people they are not supposed to be. Brian’s concerns seemed to be legit according to some of his audience as there had been a lot of protests in America lately and people were seemingly not cooperating.

He also says at the end of the speech that when he wakes up the next morning he will wake up to a different political environment. Nevertheless, he had not forgotten the amazing teammates and bosses he had worked with and worked for and expressed his gratitude for everything.

Where is Brian Williams Now?

Williams had recently received an offer for anchoring a news channel evening program around the beginning of the year 2022, which he declined. Ever since his retirement in 2021, he does not want to take up any work which shows his disinterest in anchoring news programs in spite of having worked as a news anchor and worked in the field of journalism for 3 decades. It is no secret that Brian did retire of his own free will and does not want to continue with his long-time work.

In his farewell speech, he admitted that he would be venturing into the unknown after leaving his 3-decade old work and although that did not necessarily scare him, it is something that he looks forward to. We do know one thing and that is, there is always a need for such talent and dedication, be it in any field, and hence, Williams will eventually be the first choice of the news networks that are looking for dedicated journalists.