The CBS News star Gayle King has been seen to be a little unstable, firstly she isolated herself, in February of this year when she has falsely resulted covid positive but later came out to be negative and she was able to go back to her usual schedule.

Then again last month of May, she was seen in odd footwear, on one foot she wore a heel and a clog on another one in an event show, which again is a concerning matter for many. So how did she get herself into this state? How is she doing now? Let’s look at her health condition and her latest update.

What Happened to Gayle King?


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The CBS journalist and the popular co-host of CBS Mornings, worried many when she appeared at the Hollywood Reporter’s event on 17 May, wearing two different footwear, one heel, and one clog. The 67-year-old TV host was seen to be uncomfortable with her two different footwear and was not able to walk properly on the carpet of the event, hinting at her foot injury.

What did Gayle King do to Her Foot?

The host later talked to Page Six about her hobbling walking and her foot injury, she said that when she went to bed on Saturday night and when she woke up the next day to go to the restroom she crumbled the minute she set her foot on the floor.

Though she was clearly not in a good shape, she didn’t go to see the doctor to which she said,

“Well it’s feeling better, so I’m going to wait a couple of days, and if it’s still like this, I’m going to go to the doctor.”

She also admitted that she hates going to the doctor, but even though we hate it, we can’t let ourselves suffer and King knew it very well so, she assured all the concerned people about going to the doctor very soon.

During the event, many influential media people were seen attending the Annual most powerful people in media, including Gayle King’s CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson and Tony Dokoupil with other top hosts like Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

Why is Gayle King Wearing a Boot?

Gayle King after her Hollywood reporter event worried everyone from her family, and friends to her viewers, and hence despite hating going to the doctor, she went to see her doctor a few days later after the event.

King got her diagnosed by her doctor who reported that she had Achilles tendonitis and so she has to be in her medical boot and needs to take the necessary measures for faster recovery from her injury.

King didn’t forget to update her followers about her doctor visit and about the foot injury, she took a picture and also a short video of herself and her doctor to give clear details to all of the concerned people. In the video, her doctor Nadia Levy said that the reason for the injury is because of over tweaking a tight tendon. She ends the video celebrating, and completing her doctor’s visit by saying,

“Yay, diagnosis, and yay, no surgery! Yay yay yay.”


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After her doctor visit the host has been seen in other events but this time she has been taking proper and appropriate measures as asked by her doctor and has been seen wearing her medical boot.

She was seen in the Preakness Stakes thoroughbred horse race that took place on May 21 in Baltimore, enjoying her day with friends, and was wearing a short neon dress with a matching sneaker on her right foot and wearing her medical boot on her injured left foot.

How is Gayle King doing Today?

She has recently revisited her doctor and she had physical therapy, for now, and another good news for her is that she no longer has to go with the odd footwear pairing from now on.


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Then just after when she was recovering from her foot injury, another piece of news struck her when she announced being corona positive in her recent Instagram post through a small video from her workplace. She said,

“Ok, the thing I have been dreading has finally happened, I just tested positive for… I got the Rona.”

She also mentioned being double vaccinated plus boosted but still contracted covid which is a disappointment as she has to stay in quarantine.  It’s not the first time for her, she has already falsely tested positive for covid two more times one this year of February, and then from her last year when she had to miss her work but the taste came out negative.

So as being two times falsely tested positive, she will be making sure whether it’s the case for her third time or not, but for the time being she has to stay home isolated.