The three times All Elite Wrestling champion, Cody Rhodes The American nightmare has never disappointed the viewers, inside the ring. And now after his return to the WWE ring, he has been a trending talk of everyone for his feud with another of the WWE champions, The visionary Seth Rollins.

Both the champions and the leading name of the WWE, have begun their ring feud with the first match between them the WrestleMania 38 held in April, and then with their second match WrestleMania Backlash held in May.

Both the match was victorious for The American nightmare and The visionary has been a sore loser continuously for two times in a row and everybody thought it would be the end of their feud but that wasn’t the case.

WWE Cody Rhodes ‘Hell In A Cell’


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As we were saying how everyone thought the WrestleMania Backlash would conclude the fight between the two champions but it was not the end, the two again faced off one another in the WWE Hell In A Cell held on Sunday, June 5. It’s not new for WWE to be extreme and fierce but this match between Rhodes and Rollins has become another disturbing and chilling match we have seen recently.

The reason for our horror is that Cody Rhodes had severe injuries on his right arm and chest, as we can see when he gets into the ring exposing the severe purplish-black painful-looking bruise around his chest and down to his right arm.

We were previously informed about his injury but we were not sure how severe it really was as Rhodes was not backing up from the Hell In A Cell match, but after finding and seeing it with our own eyes it just led to a wild imagination for everyone about the match. As the two wrestlers inside the ring faced one another the audience seemed very quiet at that moment feeling all chilled but it was a game without any mercy cause if you have pity it will be your loss.

And what’s more, Rollins went straight for Rhodes’s bruised arm and chest which was too terrifying for most of us, not just this when the crowd only saw Rollins in action they might have thought it would be an easy win for Rollins with the injured Rhodes.

But with the severe bruised on his chest, Rhodes has shown a superpower ability in the match, amazing the whole audience by defeating Rollins and making his continuous three wins in a row. This was one amazing ring battle between the two lead wrestlers of the WWE that we can hardly be able to forget, and hopefully, this three in a row victory will end their WWE storyline.

We have seen him with all the bruises covering his chest and arm, So what happened to Cody Rhodes? How did he get injured? Let’s get the full details of his injuries.

How did Cody Rhodes get Injured?

After the fans got the news of his injury many were not sure whether he will be competing or not for his upcoming Hell in a Cell event. So, what happened to Cody Rhodes’s arm?

Just before the Sunday match, the WWE announced his severe arm and chest injury that took place during a weight lifting training he was going through for his upcoming Hell In A Cell event on Friday, June 3.

They said that the wrestler during the heavy training has his right pec tendon completely torn because of the extreme training he was having for the match even though he already had suffered injuries in a previous event.

What happened to Cody Rhodes’s chest and arm? It is not just only from his weight lifting training but the main reason came from his previous brawl during a WWE Raw event last Monday between him and Rollins, causing the initial injury which later became severe for his excessive training.

The intercontinental champion after leaving the All Elite Wrestling came back to the WWE with his first match at WrestleMania 38 of this year in April where he battled with Seth Freakin Rollins and defeated him. This led to their WWE storyline and both again faced off one another in another match in May at WrestleMania Backlash where the WWE superstar Rollins once again was defeated, continuing their storyline. They then prepared for their third match at the “Hell In A Cell” event leading to a three in a row defeat of Rollins and a three-time continuous victory of Rhodes.

Though the last match sent a chill down everyone’s spine, Rhodes knew he had worried all his fans, to which he said, “No one convinced me with a torn pec, to come out here. It was solely my decision. You would have to literally kill me from staying away from this ring.”

Rhodes after returning to WWE also declared his main wish is to become the WWE champion and he also shows his desire to fight with the longest WWE universal champion Roman Reigns.