A 7-second long video of a woman getting beaten up brutally is causing a great ruckus all over the internet as the video started overflowing the internet on Sunday, 29th May.  The video that came out had no content or any title and we don’t even know how and from where it came, but what we can see in the video is barbaric.

What’s more, everyone thinks the woman who is the victim of the assault is the Disney star, Zendaya. So how much is true about it and what do we really know about what’s going on, let’s clear up our doubts.

What Happened in the Viral Video?

The video went viral on Sunday 29th May all over the internet confusing and shocking each and every one of us. The video is only 7 seconds long, but we can see its brutality. Nobody knows from where it came as the footage appears without any content and title but just a woman who is the victim of brutal physical assault and another the assailant who was furiously beating, punching, pulling her hair, and kicking the victim.

The incident seems to have taken place in some apparent store and the victim was holding a brown shopping bag and was wearing a gray hoodie and black skin-tight pants with rainbow-colored crocs. The poor girl was seen on the floor trying to resist the instant punches coming onto her face and on the other hand, the assailant’s face was not seen as was busy with the brutal act and was wearing a blue hoodie covering his head.

The attacker keeps punching her while pulling her hair and then kicking her causing her to hit her head against the wall, what’s more, disturbing is that the people in the background can be heard cheering and encouraging the attacker.

Is it Really Zendaya in the Viral Video?


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Apparently, everyone who has seen the video doubts the victim to be the Euphoria actress, and hence the video getting circulated as Zendaya being assaulted on the internet.

Now the question is, why do many believe it to be Zendaya? The reason is, that the victim of the viral video resembles Zendaya with the same curly long hair and the same slender physique for many to confuse her with the Spider-Man star. The victim’s resemblance to the actress is undoubtedly from her HBO series Euphoria where she rocks her long curly hair with her fabulous acting.

But we don’t think it is Euphoria star Zendaya and why we think it is because the actress presently is no longer going with her Euphoria long hairstyle and she is seen with her new bob haircut recently.

Moreover, the actress is too busy with all her new projects including her new upcoming movie Challengers, and with her next series of Dune: Part II and many more in her schedule for her to be involved in any fights.  As much as we know, we have never seen the actress wearing crocs and she said herself, “I only wear heels or sneakers; there isn’t an in-between for me.” So for all these reasons, it’s certainly not Zendaya but many were still confused and the confusion was cleared altogether by the actress’s spokesperson to TMZ by confirming that the featured video is not that of the actress.

What Do We Know About the Real Victim?

We are yet to have more information related to the brutal fight and there is still not much information to be found about the incident and who are the people involved in this barbaric act.

Many have shown their concern over the assaulted woman in the viral video, who was cruelly beaten in front of the public and no one came to help.

Many have also noticed an ankle monitor around the woman’s ankle and believed that she might be on some house arrest or something but we can’t be sure if that’s the case or not.

The misunderstanding about the victim not being the euphoric actress is cleared, but it is still a concerning matter for us to see a person getting beaten up so ferociously and we hope to know the answer behind the video.