Have you ever felt like leaving your city life behind and going back to a more remote mountain cottage lifestyle? We all will have different answers for this, but do you know one of our favorite Hollywood stars is living a more natural life there in the mountain cottage surrounded by greeneries and just so natural and peaceful. Yes, we are talking about Melissa Gilbert from the Prairie series.

She at the age of 10 became famous as a child actor for her role as Laura Ingalls Wilder in the 1970s popular television series Little House on the Prairie for which she has won the Young Artist Award and Golden Boot Awards. Her other known work includes the movie The Diary of Anne Frank and her voice for the Batgirl character of the well-liked animated series Batman: The Animated Series.

Melissa Gilbert now at 58, is back to her childhood Little House on the Prairie as she now lives the same lifestyle as she did when she was a child playing the role of Laura and enjoying the country farm life. But the only difference is that now she is much older and it’s not related to any new television series and she is, in fact, adoring the natural lifestyle in the small cozy mountain cottage with her husband Timothy Busfield.


Gilbert was born and raised in Los Angeles, a city of fame and she herself also became a famed celebrity with glamor and luxury. With her popularity as a child actress she kept up with her acting career and as time passed she began her growth in the industry.

She also served as Screen Actors Guild President from 2003 to 2005 and apart from her Hollywood fame she is also a politician and is a member of the Democratic Party. She even ran for the congressional election as a Democratic Party nominee for the Michigan district in 2016 but had to drop out because of her health issues.

Who is Melissa Gilbert Married To?

Melissa Gilbert today is known for her loving peaceful marriage with her present husband Timothy Busfield, actor and director whom she called,

“He’s my blanket, he’s my comfort place. I feel safest when I’m with him.”

She married Busfield, 64, in 2013 and since then the couple has been together living a more peaceful life than any other Hollywood couple.

Before Busfield, Gilbert was married two times, with her first husband being actor Bo Brinkman in 1988, and have a son together named Dakota Paul Brinkman but they got divorced in 1992.

Then her relationship with actor Bruce Boxleitner was much of a talk as the couple had an on and off relationship since 1992, then they finally tied their knot in 1995 and have a son Michael Garrett Boxleitner. They stayed married until they divorced in 2011.

As for now, she is in a loving marriage with her third husband Timothy Busfield, and this is where the talk of how the couple has embraced the natural lifestyle of living in the mountains comes up.

So now coming back to our topic, Gilbert and Busfield are now living a much similar life to the series Little House on the Prairie. So how did they come to live in the mountain cottage in the wilderness leaving their city lifestyle.

Where does Melissa Gilbert Live? What Does Lifestyle Look Like?

Right after her marriage to Busfield, they moved to live in Howell, Michigan and this is where she was introduced to more countryside and natural living. They lived there till 2018 when Busfield purchased a cottage in the Catskills mountains of New York, where they started their simple yet blissful life.

Regarding her new lifestyle, she has also written a new book called Back to the Prairie: A Home Remade, A Life Discovered, which is published on 10th May 2022.

Then in a recent interview with Fox News, she shared some of her daily lifestyle routines from her cottage life. She said,

“Mornings usually start around 7:00 am with a cup of tea and some nice, peaceful meditation. Then I go out and do my chicken chores. That means cleaning out the chicken coop, giving the girls their treats, and collecting any eggs that are in there.”

She continues, “Then I go to the garden. I look at everything that’s been planted.”

Melissa Gilbert recently started growing strawberries in her garden which is a very new experience for her and she is mastering it. The actress who suffered from alcoholism and drug abuse and the need to stay young as an actress in the film industry now lives a simple peaceful life without worrying about what others want her to be.

To this, she said,

“This is me now… no hair color, no filler, no Implants, no Botox. I just take care of myself. I try to eat as well as I can. I drink a lot of water. And I’m really enjoying the aging process because of that.”