Greg Mathis is best known for being the host and judge of the Emmy Award-winning show Judge Mathis. The show has been running from 1999 to the present and is considered one of the longest-running reality court shows after Judge Judy.

The show’s main host and judge Greg Mathis who has served as the youngest Michigan district court judge is now a well-renowned judge for the Judge Mathis show which has a well-trusted audience and the show is currently in its 23rd season.

Judge Greg Mathis: His Journey to Becoming One of The Youngest District Court Judges

Greg Mathis popularly known as Judge Mathis is born Gregory Ellis Mathis on April 5, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan, had a troubled childhood. Mathis was raised by his mother Alice Lee Mathis alone during the raging decade of the 1960s and 70s in Detroit.

Mathis was a problem child and was expelled from school and he changed several schools until he dropped out of school in his early high school years. During this time Detroit became a place of turmoil, crime, and violence, and Mathis age 15 get involved with drugs and with the criminal street gang Erroll Flynn.

He then started doing crimes like shoplifting, purse snatching, and break-in and he was even arrested many times until he was taken to the Wayne County jail after being arrested at the age of 17. During this time his case was taken to the Wayne County court judge Charles Kaufman who gave him the option to earn his GED (General Equivalency Diploma). Mathew accepted and got GED.

Mathew was also given early probation because his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer which made him realize his mother’s suffering and hence he promised to choose the right path.

Mathis Earned His Law Degree and Became a Judge

Then he got admission to Eastern Michigan University and found a new interest in politics and public administration. Mathis earned his BS degree in public administration in the year 1984 and was hired as an assistant to a City Council Member of Detroit.

While working, he applied for a law degree at the University of Detroit Law School and got his law degree in 1988. Mathis even pass his state bar exam but was restricted from practicing law for four years for his past criminal records. He eventually got his law license and start as a private attorney but he then run for the election of Michigan 36th district court judge in 1994 and he got appointed and became the first youngest judge to hold the post at the age of 34. He held the office from 1995 to 1998.

“Judge Mathis” Show

Mathis was approached by the Warner Brothers’ television offering him, his own courtroom show. The show is named Judge Mathis and its first episode was aired in September 1999 as Judge Greg Mathis presides in the court and gives his judgment over various disputes.

The show being one of the longest-running courtroom shows and Mathis being the second most judge serving for the longest in the courtroom has gained the Daytime Emmy Award and NAACP Image Award. Mathis is considered, the first African American jurist to win an Emmy Award for the courtroom show.

The show is currently in its 23rd season and has gained more positive reviews about the way he takes his approach to every big and small dispute presented before him. Mathis is known for the witty and comedic approaches that he tends to bring in his show, his blending of social commentary with humor and humanity has been a unique trend in his show that differs from other courtroom shows that tend to be more serious in approach. Mathis gives his wise and fair verdicts over the cases which are legal and binding and mostly go with his famous catchphrases,

“Your claim is dismissed, and yours is granted!”.

What’s the Trending Judge Mathis Crack Meme?

Judge Mathis is known for his conversational skills and his ability to play with words, and that’s what is so interesting about his show. Recently in one of his shows, he asked a litigant if she has ever smoked crack cocaine and the litigant denies it.

Mathis keep asking her if she is been on crack but she keep denying it until in the end she submitted and said:

“Tried it one time.”

Then Mathis said, “I can smell it! The more I look at you the more you smell like crack!”. He even tweeted it on one of his tweeter posts recently and wrote “You know I’m going to get the truth out one way or the other. LoL, I’m going to get in trouble talking like this these days.”

And what’s more, this has gone viral in just a few minutes and everyone is now into Judge Mathis’s meme the “crackhead.”

One user tweeted:

“one thing about judge Mathis is, he gonna call you a crackhead”

Then another one posted with a funny clip and another tweeted “Judge Mathis know what he is talking about.”