Dwayne Johnson, The Rock is well known for being the highest-paid actor in the world and for his career as a professional wrestler. But apart from this, he has always been an inspirational figure for everyone and he is an admiring role model for many.

Well known for being a hardworking man he follows a well-maintained lifestyle which keeps him motivated and going with life, for him workout is one of the most vital parts of his everyday life which not only gives him physical strength but gives him a strong mentality to cope with the little big obstacles in life.

The Hardest Worker in the Room

Dwayne Johnson’s Project Rock under the biggest sports brand Under Armour again drops its new training gear collections of shoes, training tops, and shorts with the best quality to offer you comfort and ease during your workout. The Rock through his Instagram lets us know the Project Rock’s new collections of training gear which will be out soon under the brand Under Armour and to keep working hard to become the hardest worker in the room.


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Under Armour coming together with the hard working man The Rock Johnson, launched the Project Rock with its distinctive bull logo, back in 2019 with a variety of high-quality products meant for men, women, and children.

Under Armour is already a big name in the sports industry for its high quality and comforting gear it provides but its collaboration with the man of hard training and hard work has made a more powerful impact on the brand.

The project’s first release was sport sneakers which were a success coming up with other gears like shorts, training tops, bags, and more in the line but what everyone is more complementing recently is its durable and high tech headphones and earbuds.

As the brand is more of a motivational lifestyle brand, Johnson who has a love for music and says music gives him the strength and motivation to keep up with his training also helped the brand to launch its high-quality headphones to keep us all motivated during our training.

What’s more, Johnson has also recently become the official footwear partner for UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and his Project Rock replaces Reebok as UFCs footwear sponsor helping the exposure of the brand to more new sports lovers.

Under Armour’s launching of the new project collaboration with Johnson has seen a more profound impact on its sales and it considers Project Rock collections as one of its biggest sellers. Now its collections are available in the global market for everyone under the brand Under Armour, which is exciting for all the global fans to be a part of Iron Paradise.

So what more new iron paradise collections will we be getting this coming summer? We still have to wait to find out their latest collections to boost our summer training.