It is common knowledge that celebrities put in all they have in order to look appealing to the public, a lot of times by going under the knife while keeping it a secret. It is an integral part of every celeb’s way of staying relevant in the entertainment industry.

With so much competition around. K. Michelle has openly confessed that she went under the knife as well in order to achieve a look she desired and thought would add to her image as a public figure.

The look of K. Michelle then and now is that of a big difference wherein she has gone through a few surgeries to alter, or rather you can say in today’s terms, “highlight” her bodily features to look further appealing.

With the signing of a new record deal at the peak of her career, K. Michelle confessed a few years later about the need for enhancing her looks then, which ended up giving her physical challenges.

She came up with a show of her own called My Killer Body With K. Michelle that talks about the consequences of plastic surgeries and how it impacts even the ordinary activities of the one who underwent the different kinds of surgeries.

Born Kimberly Michelle Pate, she was exposed to television fame through her work in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and became an overnight star. The American R’n’B singer and television personality has always been open about the plastic surgeries that she underwent, as well as stating the need for it being a celebrity.

Michelle says that although her looks didn’t really bother her, she felt the need to get surgeries done on her body and face in order to increase the sales of her records.

The pictures of K. Michelle before and after surgery are provided below for reference.

Before Surgery

After Surgery


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Michelle’s butt surgery was one of her major surgeries for which she eventually faced some health issues. She had silicone injected into her butts to enhance the size and looks of it as she believed the size of her butts would somewhat determine her success in the entertainment industry. K. Michelle’s before and after looks do not show that her looks were not enough for her singing career, although she felt otherwise.

“My Killer Body”

Michelle has started a new series called My Killer Body with K. Michelle where she talks about her journey of plastic surgery and the repercussions she faced post the surgeries. She confesses about all the different kinds of surgeries in different parts of her body because of which she almost lost her life at one point and started with reconstructive surgeries in June 2018.

The series aired in February 2022 and features people who had gone under the knife and are currently facing health issues and need a way out of it. What encouraged her to start this series was her own traumatic experience with plastic surgery wherein she revealed that the silicone injected in her hips had spread to her legs. This made it difficult for her to walk and do daily activities and was hampering her overall health.

At present, she flaunts her new body on social media and says that she has not felt so healthy for a long time. Some might feel like she is against plastic surgeries because of all the negative experiences she had, which is not the case. Michelle supports the idea of surgery but one needs to be aware of all the side effects so that they can take precautionary measures before going ahead with the idea.