North Woods Law is one of America’s most fascinating and exciting reality shows airing on Animal Planet since March 2012. This series revolves around the conservation officers from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

For these officers finding and rescuing fish, wildlife and human beings are what they primarily do in a day. The North Woods Law Cast tries to give the best of reality TV as they go about monitoring hunting activities.

Kevin Bronson is one of the popular faces among others in the North Woods Law cast. Along with other wildlife conservation officers Kevin Bronson patrols the western part of New Hampshire.

The series was renewed for its sixteenth season on June 20th, 2021. The show has received rave reviews for letting people know what it’s like to be a Department of Natural Resources officer.

Kevin Bronson joined the series in 2016 and has appeared in more than 52 episodes of the series. Kevin is tall, red-haired, and has an erect posture. He sports a heavy wool red jacket bearing the Fish and Game emblem. Kevin Bronson has been a conservation officer since 2013 and currently, he is 33 years of age.

He is a popular figure amongst the people of New Hampshire as he has committed several heroic acts which include saving a lost hunter in time. Kevin Bronson has won several awards for his achievements during his tenure. In July 2021 Kevin Bronson was promoted to District 4 Sergeant’s position for the Law Enforcement Division.

List of Awards Won by Kevin Bronson

In 2018 Bronson was honored as the Northeast Chiefs Officer of the Year.

Bronson was one of those that received an award for Congressional Law Enforcement Award for Dedication and Professionalism’ in 2019 as a way of appreciating his efforts in saving the life of a lost waterfowl that was almost hunted and also contributing to the overall environment and its well being.

Facts to Know

Kevin Bronson is believed to be the epitome of professionalism. He is known to be someone always ready to step up to a good challenge. Both within and outside his district.

This is what has made Kevin Bronson of North Woods Law particularly popular. His energy levels are always high and he generally seems to have a team-oriented approach towards accomplishing anything.

At a time Kevin Bronson had driven more than 30,000 miles while on the job, logged in a whopping 1000 miles on the department’s snowmobile, and clocked close to 105 hours on the department’s motorboat.

The Hampshire wardens agreed to the idea of making the show more about wildlife and the importance of its conservation rather than being ‘just another cop show.’

Kevin Bronson’s Biography

Kevin Bronson is now in charge of supervising a unit of Conservation officers who patrol southwestern New Hampshire and is also currently serving as a Sergeant in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Law Enforcement Division.

Bronson served as an Officer in the Patrolling Team near Exeter which he had been doing since 2013. In 2014 he moved to Connecticut River Valley and resumed his duty there with the same designation in a manner as dedicated as ever.


The main reason for the show’s popularity is the show content revolving around the dangerous and dramatic feats of the New Hampshire Wardens, one of them being Kevin Bronson.

The series happens to be highly adventurous and is regarded as one of Animal Planet’s top reality shows. Though there are some rumors of the show content being staged, the show continues to maintain its popularity. The wardens work extremely hard to conserve wildlife and the environment.