On 24th March of this year, Miranda Kerr took to Instagram to announce a program based on physical and mental wellness wherein she had a conversation of over thirty minutes with Jim Curtis talking about what we can do to keep our mind and body in its best condition and took the opportunity to discuss the Miranda Kerr Scholarship Program. 

Miranda first read out some positive affirmations that read I demonstrate love through my actions and goes on to explain how our actions are mostly based on either love or manifest out of fear. Miranda Kerr went live with Jim Curtis, discussed further each of their perspectives on health and wellness.

They started off by talking about the importance of focussing on mental health and how the anxiety that we face in our daily life affects our relationships with the people close to us and also our overall productivity. Miranda says that she believes in the phrase “health is wealth” and that our body reflects how our mind feels.


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She also talks about the holistic approach to our mind and body just like how through ‘Kora Organics’, (a skincare brand which she owns) she is trying to incorporate organic and safe as well as cruelty-free products into our beauty regimen.

Further in the conversation, Jim and Miranda discussed the importance of health and wellness and the fact that it is not cheap. They also discussed the ways to make wellness more affordable and accessible to the common people.

The Miranda Kerr Scholarship Program has been launched for people to join and the three winners of the free scholarship will be announced on Miranda’s birthday next month on 20th April. The link to the application was made available in her bio which has been opened and 50 runners up will get 40% off on the scholarship.

The scholarship will teach people to maintain a healthy body and mind and also teach them how to make a living off of healthy products and be a coach in health and wellness.

Halfway through the conversation, they continue to discuss the necessity of mental health while at the same time being conscious of our body and what we put into it. Simultaneously, we need to spend time with the people we love, hang out with them during our leisure time. Indulging in some kind of foods that we consider as guilty-pleasures, is fine as we need to be happy and go with the flow for a while in order to enjoy the moment which is important for our mental peace.

If we follow a certain diet regime then it is important that we are not too hard on ourselves and can sometimes take it easy with the food we eat since our body and mind need to be at peace at the same time.

Around the end of their conversation, they reveal their own detoxifying drinks and the supplements they take, and the morning rituals they commit to.  Miranda also talked about her Kora products that are organic and cruelty-free.