Sonia Cipriano is the wife of Joe Mazza who is the star of the reality show called Home Inspector Joe that aired on the channel HGTV on 19th January of this year and was well received by the viewers and the show had gained momentum ever since.

The viewers seemed to enjoy the show while also wondering who is the lucky woman that Joe Mazza has been married to. The 39-year-old Sonia married Joe Mazza who is 46 years as of now and they seem to be going strong.

Joe Mazza and Sonia Cipriano’s Marriage and Kid

As we have come to know from Joe himself, he and Sonia have been married for over 13 years. The New York-based home-pro is a professional when it comes to helping clients choose the best home according to their individual requirements on which the reality show is based.

Joe Mazza’s debut on television has been something very exciting for the family, especially his daughter and wife, who, he said have been overjoyed to see him on the screen. Joe talked about his wife and daughter named Gia Lucia who would exclaim “Daddy’s on TV” whenever she sees him on the television and would watch the show till the very end.

Sonia does not have a Facebook account but is currently active on Instagram, although she does not post too many pictures on her Instagram account which is currently put on private mode. Joe Mazza’s wife Sonia is working as a school teacher in the New York City School District according to her profile in one of the job-search apps, but the time of the start of her job as a teacher is unknown.

She is presently residing in New York with her husband and her family from where she and her husband work as her husband is having to divide his time between New York and Connecticut for handling his work business.

Joe seems to be very protective of his family and is happy to make them feel proud. Joe had worked in the construction field for over 20 years until he decided to change his mode of business in 2015 and took up the profession of helping people find the right houses for them and making sure the house is not only beautiful but also safe and sturdy.

As he said in an interview about himself and his family, Joe loves riding motorcycles and is also a fitness freak, and is passionate about construction jobs that he does on a daily basis. He also talked about how his family has always been supportive of him and is always there to boost his confidence.

Joe says that his varied interests will bring an interesting set of elements into the show because of which the show will not stand to be a boring house-searching show like many others, his reason being that he is enthusiastic not only about construction but has several other hobbies and interests that he can incorporate into the show.

HGTV’s “Home Inspector Joe”

The star of the show and home-pro Joe Mazza meets clients who are looking for beautiful and safe and sturdy homes to make it their property. He helps them not only to renovate the house as per their conveniences but also make it sturdy with his construction skills on which he had been working for over twenty years and has become a professional when it comes to construction and building a perfectly safe house.

With his skills and knowledge in the field of construction, he will not let any of his clients move into a property that is not perfectly safe. The show has a total of ten episodes and each episode brings in new challenges for Joe and the clients but the construction pro is there to help.