On the night of 24th March, Barbara Palvin had a team behind her to achieve the glamorous look for the premiere of the movie Moonshot where her long-time boyfriend Dylan Sprouse’s brother Cole Sprouse is starring alongside Lana Condor in the lead roles.

The event was surely an important one for her as her boyfriend’s brother bagged a big opportunity to be in the movie industry. Palvin had Tobi Henney do her makeup and she was styled by Marc Eram to achieve that perfect look.

Her look was inspired by Pamela Anderson’s look that featured a messy bun with side bangs and a black skin-tight dress with lace ties on the front. Palvin also tagged the brand Versace for the accessory she carried which was an embellished turquoise mini bag with a golden-colored chain.

Barbara was seen attending the premiere of Moonshot with Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse and posed for the paparazzi on the red carpet. Moonshot is set to release on HBO on 31st March and the fans are waiting to see the young stars take to the screen.

Barbara Palvin also recently took to Instagram to talk about Armani’s Acqua For Life Program whose work started in 2010 with the water crisis and providing safe drinking water and is aiming to help over 437,000 people across 21 countries. She said that she is happy to contribute to the program for the awareness and doing her part for the underprivileged people who don’t even have access to basic necessities like drinking water.

Barbara Palvin had her own share of struggles with the media when she was linked with Justin Beiber while he was in a relationship with Selena Gomez for which Palvin has been in the spotlight ever since and was often criticized by Selena’s fans for being in contact with the male pop-singer.

Barbara Palvin was also considered to be one of the unluckiest Victoria’s Secret models as she had newly entered when the brand decided to do away with angels. She was taken as the face of the diverse models that the brand was said to undertake. This caused the brand as well as the young model to face a lot of criticism as many did not consider her to be a plus-size model although she was said to not exactly have the runway type of body. Nevertheless, her fans support her and she is doing great in her field of profession.