Phil Mickelson, one of the major names in the golfing world is an American professional golfer known for his thriving career with many achievements he has made in his golfing career. He currently is ranked ninth in the total PGA Tour Victories.

Mickelson achieved one of the top titles by winning three majors out of four which make him the 17th golfer in the history of golf to achieve it. Phil Mickelson is known for being one of the lefthanded golfers to achieve six major championships with a total of 45 times PGA Tour wins.

He has achieved the title of oldest PGA Major Champion at age 50 in 2021. Although he has been an active player he will not be playing in the 2022 Masters taking place at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia of the controversial statement on the Saudi-funded golf club called the Super Golf League(SGL).

Why is Phil Mickelson Not be Playing in the 2022 Masters?

Phil Mickelson has made a name for himself in the golfing world but, what happened to Phil Mickelson that made him lose his hard earning position as a top golfer.

Phil Mickelson popularly goes by the name of lefty who is a three-time Masters Champion titleholder will not be joining the 2022 Masters for the first time since 1994, for the reasons, that lie in his controversial remarks against the Saudi-funded league.

Mickelson’s name has been taken off from the list of participants who will be joining the Augusta National this year which will be held from April 7th to 10th.

The controversy started during Mickelson’s PGA Tour criticism and the comments he made on the Saudi Arabia government while speaking about the Super Golf League to author Alan Shipnuck. What did Phil Mickelson say?  That he’s not been chosen in the 2022 master.

During the interview with the golf superstar on how he is considering the SGL Saudi-funded league, he called the Saudi league nothing but “sports washing” by the repressive regime.

Then he said, “They are scary mother…… to get involved with.” He also said that they have horrible records of human rights and “they execute people over there for being gay.”

His remarks have raised controversy and Mickelson later has also apologized for his comments and called himself being “reckless” and believed that the records were “off records.”

Since the controversial comment from Mickelson, he has lost a number of majors sponsors like Workday, KPMG, Callaway Golf, and Amstel Light.

Phil Mickelson’s Past Career Achievements

Phil Mickelson is not a new name when it comes to the golfing world. He is the topmost player in this field with various accomplishments throughout his golfing career.

Phil Mickelson began as a professional golfer in 1992 and has been an active player since then.

Throughout his early career (1992- 2003), he has secured many PGA Tour Tournaments like Byron Nelson Golf Classic, World Series of Golf, Colonial National Invitation, and Greater Hartford Open. Here one of his best wins was the 2000 Buick Invitational where he ended another of the top golfer Tiger Woods records trace of six succeeding victories in the PGA tournaments.

Mickelson’s First Three Major Wins

Mickelson became more known as three of the left-handed golfer to win majors for his PGA tour of 2004 where he achieved victory in the master 18-foot birdie put on the final hole.

Then he secure his second major in the PGA Championships at Baltusrol in the year 2005 and his third major was in 2010 at Augusta of the Master’s Tournaments held on April 11 of 2010.

Phil Mickelson then won another major title the Open Championship in 2013. This Open Championship is one of the oldest and most reputed golf tournaments in the world with its foundation dating back to 1860.

Then his recent major achievement is in 2021 when he becomes the Oldest Major Champion at the age of 50 to win the PGA Championship held at Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina.

To date, Mikelson has won a total of 45 events on the PGA with 6 majors titleholders, U.S Open is the only loss for him, and has won all the other majors which makes him come under the 17 golfer who has won at least three majors in the golfing world.

Phil Mickelson today is one of the most renowned golfers in the world with a top winning record and is the leading Majors titleholder.

Where is Mickelson Now in 2022?

After his Saudi Arabia controversy Mickelson has made his apology for his reckless comments which have led to the loss of his major sponsor and were also will not be able to host the American Express Tour Event. After the controversy, Mickelson has reflected on his action through his Twitter post but was not seen having any public appearances. It seems that the golfer is truly regretting his self implicating words. Mickelson said that he will not be in the 2022 Masters and will be with his family spending his time with them taking a break from his golfing career.