Are you a fan of the American crime drama-thriller Big Sky? Are you excited to know the answer to the question is Ronald dead on Big Sky? Do you want to get further information about Ronald?

After enjoying the 13th episode, everyone is waiting for the next episode and the question about the death of Ronald has made the show more interesting.

Brian Geraghty fascinated the people by playing the character of Ronald in this show. However, the confirmation of the death of Ronald has raised confusion in the minds of the audience.

Who is Ronald on “Big Sky”?

Brian Geraghty is a famous American Actor who was born on 13 May 1975. He  was mostly known for his role in many popular films including Jarhead, The Hurt Locker, Flight, and many other films.

He also played the character of Theodore Roosevelt in the TV series The Alienist. Since the Fall of 2020, he has played the lead role in the ABC thriller series Big Sky. Brian Geraghty is the one who has played an exemplary character as Ronald in the Big Sky.

Spoilers of “Big Sky Season 2”

After enjoying episode 13, there are a few things that you can expect to see in the 14th episode. The official title of the coming episode is Dead Man’s Float. The title itself reveals that episode 14 is going to be interesting. This episode will be suspicious and intense due to growing suspicious of Jenny for Travis.

Jenny is going to be involved more in this episode. But, again, this will be a dynamic character trying to determine whether Bhullars had been associated with the drug-related death of poor teenagers.

The relationship between Jenny and Travis will be vulnerable as Jenny’s suspicion of Travis will grow while trying to prove the connection of Bhullars with the drug-related death of a teenager.

Veer will be in an action mood in this episode. But, first, he will give a chance to know the reason for his visit to the Montana area.

Another teaser scoops in the 14th episode is when Mark confronts with an unexpected visitor. It will add some exciting moments.

What Happened to Ronald on “Big Sky”?

Ronald has been shown as an antagonist in season 2. He is a sex trafficking trucker who has been made lame and but he escaped. Where Jenny is shown as recovering from the injury inflicted by the gunshot.

Cassie got distracted with work at Dewell and Hoyt and was trying to find a clue related to Ronald. As a result, Cassie visited Sheriff Tubb with the intention to rejoin the force.

Cassie has been able to find the first clue about Ronald in video footage. Mark Lindor provided the video footage. The video shows that his girlfriend got into a car with State Trooper Cormac Dewey on the day of escape.

Then Cassie and Mark proceed towards his residence and get a warning against going deeper into the matter.

They have come to know that they are under the surveillance of someone whose name won’t be disclosed by Cormac Dewey.

Cassie headed towards the bar to meet Jenny after she knowing that Jenny would return to the force. Then Cassie left the scene to run into Travis.

Travis is from her past and is working as an undercover officer. The climax came when Travis and Jenny became intense.

Who is Ronald Pergman?

Ronald used to drive a truck and was baptized later by Ted Maynard when he was two years old.

Ronald met Rick Legarski, with whom he was involved in work like kidnapping and trafficking.

Jerry Kennedy pretended to be Michelle and offered him her services. Instead, he tased her neck and wrapped her in plastic, and put her at the back of his truck. While driving, Ronald cut off Danielle and Grace Sullivan as they didn’t stop and attempted to get back on the road.

Ronald’s mother, Hellen, got worried after learning of her son’s deeds. When Ronald reached home, he and his mother came across the news that a long-haul trucker was being searched. Hellen was terrified to know this.

93 people were killed by Ronald. Even his mother was also amongst those 93 people. Later Ronal changed his name into Arthur and started work as meal delivery when he was dating Scarlet.


Brian Geraghty wonderfully played the role of Ronald in the second season of Big Sky. He has created the feeling of thrill and excitement in this series. Besides Geraghty, all other actors have played their respective characters and have been able to create excitement, emotion, and interest in the minds of the audience. Now it is time to wait for the 14th episode of Big Sky Season 2.