In the recent trial that took place on Tuesday 17th of May, Amber finished her testimony and it continued with her friends’ testimony for her in the court. And the trial again brought up some more new things from the past about the couple as the trial ends with various testimonies.

This is the 17th court trial day of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case, where Amber took the stand and was cross-examined by Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez.

Amber Heard Testifies about the 2015 Fight and Sexual Assault

Depp’s lawyer brought up the incident in March 2015 in Australia, in which Heard testified that she was assaulted by Johnny Depp.

In earlier trials heard testified about her sexual assault that took place after thier marriage when the couple were in australia.

In the recent trail she was again questioned about it by deep lawyer during the questioning session. So what more new details do we get during from this trial, lets see.

During the 2015 fight, Amber Heard said that she was sexually assaulted with a bottle while she was held down by her neck by Johnny Depp, to which Depp said he was the one who was being assaulted and got his finger injured severely.

During the questioning Heard said,

“I don’t remember exactly what happened first or I don’t remember the sequence, I just remember being aware that I was being assaulted by a bottle while I was on the countertop.”

She also said

“I didn’t assault Johnny in Australia, I didn’t assault Johnny ever,”

When she was questioned about her assaulting Depp with a bottle in Australia.

She further said,

“I very much wanted to leave the relationship, I was in but I didn’t have the power to leave. I knew I was in a very toxic relationship with Johnny and I knew I needed to change that, and I knew at this point it was horrible for me.”

She also admitted hitting and throwing things at Depp, when he attacked her and her sister.

Amber Heard’s Friends’ Testimony for Her

After Amber Heard’s testimony and questioning session in the trial, she had two of her friends testify for her, namely iO Tillett Wright, and recorded testimony of Heard’s long-time friend Raquel Pennington.

iO Tillett Wright Testify about Johnny Depp’s Substance Abuse

Wright, currently a writer and producer, met Heard in 2011 and became good friends then later he also met Johnny Depp in 2013, and soon became good friends with him as well. He lived on the same property as Amber and Johnny from somewhere between August 2013 to early 2014.

During his testimony, he said,

“Johnny when sober was lovely and magical and he is very funny. Johnny when sober was incredibly lucid and imaginative and I felt a kindred connection with him.”

He continued,

“Johnny when sober understood how much influence he had over people and he was very kind to them about it and generous with talking to them about whatever came up.”

Then when he was asked about what he knew about substance abuse he said,

“The substances I saw him ingest with my own eyes were cocaine, and any kind of alcohol, would bring out an ugly side of him, misogynistic and cruel.”

He said that he always saw him with a cigarette and drink in his mouth at all times. He said that Depp wanted to be sober for Amber but he didn’t enjoy being sober and he resented being sober.

When the lawyer questioned him about Amber’s drunken habit he replied,

“I didn’t see her drunk very often, I saw her drinking often.”

And that he never saw her taking drugs and that she was very much against cocaine and other drug abuse.

When he was asked if he had witnessed any big fight between the couple, he said that he never saw them physically violent with each other but he said that he brought the authority in May 2016, when Heard called him during a fight between the couple. He said he was in New York and the couple was in LA during the phone call, he heard the couple fighting and Depp shouting at Heard, “You think I fucking hit you? What if I peel your fucking hair back?”, Then he heard the phone dropped on the floor and Heard scream.

This is when he called Heard’s neighbor and friend Raquel Pennington, who is another witness of Heard, and called the police.


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Raquel Pennington Witnessed a Heated Argument between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Now another of Heard’s friends Raquel Pennington witnessed with her own eyes a violent fight between Depp and Heard, just before their divorce. The witness testimony was pre-recorded, which was played before the Judge, where she said that she defended Heard during the couple’s last heated fight in May 2016.

Pennington used to live in one of Johnny Depp’s houses in LA, during the couple’s relationship and she was a very close friend of Heard and was there till the couple got divorced. She said that Heard used to be confined to her and she knew about their big and small fights.

She said she was called by Heard to her apartment during the fight when she heard Amber Heard calling for help and crying and Johnny screaming at her. She said, “I don’t remember everything that he said but the thing that sticks out the most was just yelling at her to ‘get up and ‘get the fuck up’”, while she was shielding Heard with her body to keep her safe from getting hurt.

Then later Depp’s security guard arrived and was able to calm him down as she mentioned.

She said that the day after the fight she saw everything in the house smashed and broken, from shattered photo frames to broken wine glasses. Everything was damaged.

She also mentioned that Depp had a tendency of turning into a monster without much self-preservation. She saw Heard injured with many bruises all over her body on various occasions but never herself saw Depp himself abusing her. She continues, “when the physical abuse was more evident, I was worried. I was worried about her physical safety.”

These were the new testimony for the recent trial during Amber Heard stand and her testimony for this week’s trial along with her two close friends’ testimonies of what they witnessed during the time they were with Amber and Johnny. The ongoing trial will be lasting till the next week until the court and the jury reach any closing arguments.