The heartbreaking news from the 2009 car crash that killed eight people was one of the saddening and terrifying traffic accidents that ever occurred in the state. The accident killed four small children with four adults right on the spot in the Mount Pleasant town of New York.

One of the casualties of the accident Diane Schuler 36, was found intoxicated during her driving which led to her losing balance leading to her car crashing into an oncoming SUV. But her husband denied her use of excessive drugs, so what exactly happened and what’s wrong with Diane?

What’s Wrong with Aunt Diane?

Diane Schuler, one of the victims of the accident, is also considered responsible for the tragic accident for her negligent driving with substance abuse. So what’s the full story of the event, how, why, and when occurred let’s know it all.

The day of the accident took place on Sunday 26 July 2009, when in the morning Schuler left the campground from Parksville, in her brother’s red ford minivan. She was driving with two of her kids, and three of her nieces on the way to their home in West Babylon. On the way, Schuler stopped at Sunoco gas station in Liberty, where it is said that she was looking for OTC pain relief medications at the gas station store.

Many have noticed her van driving roughly and aggressively along the interstates 86 and 87 with headlights flashing and honking after she left the gas station.

During this, she also called her brother Warren Hance from the van informing him that she was stuck in the traffic. Then another call was made to him from Schuler’s phone at 1 pm by Schuler’s niece who told her father that her aunt was having trouble seeing and speaking clearly. This call was made in the Tappan Zee Bridge toll booths, where Schuler left her phone which was found by some other motorist.

After the last call, Hance couldn’t reach Schuler’s phone and it was also not clear which route she took after crossing the bridge. Just before the accident many people noticed her on the Taconic State Parkway ramps and called 911 as she was driving at high speed without following any road signs and going in the wrong directions. Driving down the Parkway at approximately 85 mph, her van collided with a Chevrolet SUV, which then struck another Chevrolet tracker nearly at 1:35 pm.

The victims of the terrifying accident were Diane Schuler 36, her daughter 2, her three nieces( 8,7,5) with the other three victims from the SUV, Michael Bastardi 81, his son Guy 49, and his friend Dan Longo 74, and others from the Tracker involved in the accident had some minor injuries. The only miraculous survival of the crash was Schuler’s 5-year-old son Bryan who had suffered severe injuries and head trauma.

What Happened to Aunt Diane? The Aftermath of the Accident

The accident gained much attention from the netizens, more so for many disagreements between the Schuler and other victims’ families involved. The autopsy and other medical reports claim that Diane Schuler was heavily intoxicated with 0.19% alcohol and a high level of THC found in her system during the time of the accident.

But Schuler’s husband Daniel denied that her wife did any drugs and was heavily drunk while driving, and this led to legal action filed against Diane’s family by the victim’s Bastardi family in august 2009.

Then later in 2011, a lawsuit was filed against Daniel by the victim’s mother of Diane’s three nieces and in the same year, Daniel then sued the state and his brother-in-law, Warren Hance. All the parties’ lawsuits run till July 2014, there is no confirmation on what happened but it either was settled or dropped by the authority.

“There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane”

The award-winning director Liz Garbus, who is famous for various documentary movies, took the 2009 tragic traffic accident as another of her works and released the movie with the title There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane in 2011. The movie is based on the accident and everything related to the incident and the aftermath of the incident. The story shows how the accident took place by finding the true clue to the accident and focusing on Diane Schuler as its main tragic character.

Now have you people wondered about the origin of the line There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane?

On the day of the fatal incident, one of Schuler’s 9-year-old nieces called her mother and said the line “There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane” and these were the last words of the young girl to her mother. So to keep it as a memory these words were taken as the title for aunt Diane’s documentary movie.