Station 19 first aired on 22nd March 2018 and is one of the highest-rated drama series of ABC networks and has been a big hit amongst the audience including Grey’s Anatomy, which is a crossover of Station 19.

The action-drama series revolves around a team of firefighters of Seattle’s Fire Station 19, who, together with the authorities of the state risk their lives and go to rescue missions across the city. The characters in the drama series portray through the story and the events that they face as firefighters, the behind-the-scenes of those working as rescue teams as well as the relationship dynamics.

The characters namely Andy, the daughter of the Caption of the Station Pruit Herrera. She later gets romantically involved with Jack Gibson who is the lieutenant at the station. They are joined by other firefighters, including a young and energetic recruit, Victoria Hughes.

 Is Vic Pregnant on “Station 19”?

In season 5 of Station 19, the firefighters go on a mission to rescue Dr. Owen, who got into a fatal car accident in Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19’s sister show. Being the crossover of Grey’s Anatomy, the viewers of Station 19 need to watch these two shows alongside as the story is linked to one another, and skipping one narrative would mean confusion as the narrative would not match and leave a hole in the understanding of the plot of both the series.

The show kept the fans hanging in anticipation post the departure of the firefighters for the mission for the winter break. Victoria Hughes, one of the firefighters, seems to be the one for whom the fans got a major shock as she had been dealing a lot lately in the show. After the show returned from the winter break, it brought a surprise for the fans, although letting the fans know from the previous events that there would be some surprising element to come in the series.

Is Vic Hughes from “Station 19” Pregnant?

Who is Vic Hughes of Station 19? Victoria Hughes, also known as Vic Hughes, is a young firefighter who had joined the team not very long ago. In the previous episodes, we see that Victoria had been dealing with an unfortunate turn of events and grief after the death of Dean.

Post the winter break, the show resumes with the firefighters going on a rescue mission at the site of Dr. Owen’s accident under the authority of a new chief. Vic does not join the rescue mission as she is grieving and was not feeling too well.

Back at Vic’s home, she tells the doctor named Carina about her palpitations but is seemingly quite neglectful about it. The doctor suggests taking her to the ER to see if there is something to be worried about. Carina says that her heart is fine and healthy but gives her a shocking reason for her palpitations; she tells Vic that she is pregnant and that is what caused her to feel not so well.

This shocking news leaves her wondering who is the father of the child that she’s carrying in her womb. She had been going through a rough patch in her relationship with Theo, her boyfriend. After Dean’s death, Vic had been behaving in a manner that would eventually lead her in some trouble.

We come to know that after she faced the tragic loss, she was getting herself into things that would hamper her relationship with Theo. As a result, she revealed that she kissed Jack in an attempt to keep her distance from Theo, which was shown in the previous episodes. There were very few chances that this revelation would not cause problems in her relationship with her boyfriend.

Who got Vic Pregnant?

As we have seen that after Carina reveals the pregnancy news to Vic, she seems worried about the father of her child as her relationship with her boyfriend wasn’t going well. She was also not sure if she is still in a relationship with Theo after she had revealed to him about her intimacy with Jack.

The viewers have not been given any information regarding the identity of the father and there seems to be no possibility of the revelation of his identity until the next episode. For now, all that is left for the fans is speculation as Vic has not really been too close emotionally with any of the male characters of the show since the death of her fiancé, Lucas Ripley.

For further details and revelations, the fans are hooked to the upcoming episodes.