“I’ll still be bopping around showing you the Top 6 in the tri-state area and I have your evening traffic too! It’s gonna be a great year!”

Jessica Boyington is a famous name, for not one but many reasons though the fact that she is a great anchor which is not unknown to anyone, so where did Jessica Boyington go? what happened to her?

Jessica Boyington is an American actress mostly seen and known for her roles in various news channels. She was off-air in February 2019 and since then she has had a massive comeback and is known for making media moves.

When did Jessica Boyington Leave NBC10?

Jessica Boyington from NBC10 left without a word on 8th February 2019 after four long years of work as a reporter. Pamela Osbourne who is also an NBC10 reporter was seen filling in for her. No statements were made on Jessica Boyington leaving, it was almost as if she had been erased from the data and not just from the screen. Her former colleagues refused to comment on her leaving.

There were many people and her fans who were very much concerned about the situation. In February itself NBC10 said that they won’t be issuing any statement regarding the reasons as they do not intend to speak for anybody’s personal matters, but not before too long, the same year in the month of May Jessica joined the 6ABC action news channel.

Why did Jessica Boyington Leave NBC10?

This is a story that has been made quite difficult to find, almost as if it is made sure to be kept in the public eye. Jessica Boyington’s bio at 6ABC Philadelphia mentions her as a feature reporter with an excellent background. It states that “Jessica co-hosted several popular, local radio shows. She also held the title of Miss New Jersey USA.”

Jessica is fairly more active in social media and her Instagram has 28.1 k followers. She has made herself known as ‘That Jersey Girl on Philly TV’. She frequently posts about her work-life as well.

She doesn’t share much about her parents or her personal life in general but much research shows that she belongs to a religious family and went to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church every Sunday. This church is located in Berlin, New Jersey. She even went to a Roman Catholic high school.

How was Jessica Boyington Before all this Fame?

Jessica Boyington wasn’t new to fame, young Jessica was very much passionate about being on the stage. She took part in various pageants, she even became a runner-up.

In 2006 she tried again and eventually ended up winning the title of Miss New Jersey. Just a few months after this, she was selected for Miss USA, though she didn’t make it to the top 10 and ended up discontinuing this journey of modeling altogether and started focusing on her studies.

She appeared on a game show called Deal or No Deal where she took home the 11th case in the prize, all because she was able to demonstrate her intelligence. This became a start to her being featured in various magazines such as Macy’s, Seventeen, and Elle Girl.

Unexpected Start of Jessica’s Career

She was a passionate animal lover and a dancer. She danced in the Marica Hyland dance company for many years and then became a dance instructor. As an instructor, she taught both kids and adults.

She graduated in 2008 with a degree in communications from Rowan University. She didn’t become a journalist immediately after as many of you might be expecting. She took up roles in school as a teacher and even in the marketing industry.

Not until 2012 was that Jessica decided to become a Tv journalist. At first, she joined CBS-3 Philadelphia as a traffic reporter, then she switched to NBC10 where she spent working until February 2019. She co-hosted radio shows at 96.5, Sirius satellite radio, and Q 102 Philadelphia.

While talking about this famous personality, 6ABC also states “Jessica is a passionate animal advocate who usually spends her spare time out and about with her two Jack Russell Terriers, Taz, and Rocky. She also enjoys staying active and is a trained dancer in tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop.”

Where is Jessica Boyington Now?

She has become a very famous tv personality. She was born on the 30th of May and her net worth is $100,000-$500,000 as of date. She is still a 6ABC feature reporter. Her latest post on Instagram was captioned as “I would try to make you laugh with a traffic pun, but it would drive you crazy.” “Better yet, I’ll leave the jokes to @mpinphilly !!!”

“He’s always had the craziest schedule in Philadelphia, but now he has the second craziest with AM Traffic on Action News Mornings! Congrats, Matt!”🎉.

“I’ll still be bopping around showing you the Top 6 in the tri-state area and I have your evening traffic too! It’s gonna be a great year!🥳.”

“As always, thanks for watching! We love you!😍”