Tim Smith from Virginia is known for being a moonshiner and is famous for appearing in the reality TV show Moonshiners. Moonshiners are the master distiller that appears in the American reality TV series called Moonshiners. The show features how the moonshiners produced their own illegal moonshine hiding in the Appalachian mountain so as not to be caught by the police. The moonshiners have their own special procedure for producing moonshine and the series shows us how much effort they put into producing the best moonshine. The show mainly focuses on the life of moonshiners and how passionate they are about producing their own very moonshines.

Moonshiners television series is produced by Megilla Entertainment on the Discovery Channel. It started running in December 2011 with a total of 11 seasons and 185 episodes till now. The main cast of the show is Tim Smith, Steven Ray Tickle, Mark Ramsey, Jeff Waldroup, Jeremy Schwartz, Mark Rogers, Jim Tom Hedrick, Bill Canny, Josh Owens, and others.

Tim Smith, one of the main casts of the show has appeared in 8 total seasons of Moonshiners, starting from season 1 of 2011 to 2018. In 2019 Tim Smith appeared in the Whiskey Business special edition where he traveled to help the struggling distillery in Missouri and assist them in keeping their business afloat. The show was well-received and successful.

Tim Smith Biography

Tim Smith born on the 26th of December 1966 in the state of Virginia, hailed from a generation-old moonshiner. Smith’s father and his grandfather both were expert moonshiners, thus he was born as a third-generation moonshiner.

Smith, as raised in the moonshine business household, has learned and shown his interest in the field of moonshining and aimed at having his own moonshine business.

As he grew up he learned all the craftsmanship and special techniques of making an excellent moonshine from his father, which a master distiller needs.

He used to accompany his father to the distillery and used to assist him in the various distillation processes. During this time he has also seen police raids in the distillery.

Later Life and Career as a Moonshiner

Smith became the third generation moonshiner and inherited his father’s moonshine business and started with illegal production of moonshine, whose name itself denotes illegal production.

After a few years of struggle and hustle, Smith was able to produce moonshine legally with a license to produce and distribute his products. He then appeared in the Moonshiners reality show from 2011 to 2018, where he started to gain popularity as a moonshiner.

Then afterward he launched his official brand Climax Moonshine starting in Georgia and Carolina in May 2013. Then the brand soon gained popularity in various other places like  Maryland, West Virginia, and Tennessee and extended further to different places.

Tim Smith’s Family

Tim Smith married his long-time love Shelby Smith in 1986 and they have a son named JT Smith together. Since then they have been happy and living peacefully all together.

Shelby Smith by profession is a school nutritionist and an active community member and member of the church. She also coordinates summer programs for children and is a very religious person with a strong faith in God.

Tim Smith and Shelby Smith’s only child JT Smith is in his early 20 and is a firefighter and volunteer services for the Climax Fire Department. JT Smith has also launched his own whiskey brand in recent years called JT- rye.

Tim Smith other than being a master distiller, like his son, volunteered for fire services as a firefighter in the Climax region and is the Chief of the Climax Fire Department.

What’s New about Tim Smith in 2022?

Tim Smith, 55, is a master distiller, businessman, and TV personality with his own brand Climax Moonshine which is gaining popularity and many fans across the US. As of 2022, his net worth is around $ 500 thousand. Presently in the alcohol industry, he owns two businesses namely Climax Whiskey Moonshine and Tim Smith Southern Reserve American Whiskey. Smith is not a big fan of social media, however, he has an active Twitter account with about 10.9k followers.