Hector was the talk of everyone’s social media in 2018 as he has surprised everyone with his two cosmetic surgical procedures just after his participation in the Russian Football World Cup 2018. The two surgeries are done on his ears and his nose. Both the surgery for rhinoplasty and otoplasty are done for improving his performance as a player, as Hector stated. But many have doubted the reasons for the surgery and say that it’s for aesthetic purposes.

To clear the doubt about it being all for esthetic or not, the surgical expert says that functional rhinoplasty is not really all for esthetic purposes; it is in fact helpful for the athletes in their long careers. The septal plastic that is combined during rhinoplasty helps in the proper functioning of the nose, which then helps in the respiratory functioning and hence improves a footballer’s performance.

Regarding otoplasty, there are not any particular benefits for an athlete, it’s done for the purpose of changing the shape and appearance of the ears, so can we say, it is for aesthetic reasons?

Well, Hector is not just going all for aesthetic reasons but thinking the best for himself as a footballer and we would love to see him as a more successful footballer in the near future.

Hector Herrera from Before: How He Steps Into the World of  International Footballing

Born on 19 April 1990, in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Hector Miguel Herrera Lopez began playing football and his love for the sport grew when he was a child and aimed at taking it as his career. Herrera started his early career with his homeland FC Pachuca in 2010 and was introduced as a professional player for the team, where he was able to be in the North American SuperLiga, playing against Chivas USA.

Herrera was a shortlisted candidate for the best rookie of the tournament after appearing 14 times for the Pachuca in the 2011 aperture.

In 2012 Herrera made his international debut as a professional player for Mexico in CONCACAF Olympics where they won against Honduras. In the summer Olympics of the same year, he played a vital role in winning the gold medal defeating brazil by 2-1.

After this, he became an international professional footballer and started his successful journey gaining worldwide attention for his performance.

Hector Herrera After: Journey of becoming an International Footballer to a Renowned Star

In 2013, Herrera moved to FC Porto, where he made his first Primeira Liga as a substitute player where they won against Vitoria de Setubal. After this he entered the UEFA Champions League and on 20 December 2013 he scored his first league goal with Porto defeating the Olhanense by a 4-0 victory.

In the guardian’s years, end list of 2014 Herrera was included in the 100 best footballers in the world.

Hector Herrera’s league appearance is 164 with 24 goals in total during his time as a member of FC Porto until his contract with them expired in 2019. He joined Atletico de Madrid by signing their new contract of 3 years in 2019 and became a member of the team.

As an Atletico de Madrid member, he played against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League and in La Liga as a starter at Celta de Vigo. For Atletico de Madrid, Herrera appeared in around 30 leagues before the international lockdown in the following year.

During his time with Atletico, his play was mostly hindered by injuries. He was also tested covid positive two times in 2021 which caused him to be out of the field.

Hector Herrera, the midfielder is known for playing for various clubs all around the world but when it comes to playing for his nation he is a true patriot. He has played for Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup of 2015 and the FIFA World Cup of 2014 and 2018.

What’s New for Hector Herrera This Year?

At the beginning of the month of March, Hector Herrera signed a new contract with the Houston Dynamo FC as a designated player, as the club announced on March 2, 2022. Herrera will be joining the team when his contract with Atletico de Madrid ends on a free transfer deal.

The majority owner Ted Segal said that he is honored to welcome Hector Herrera to the club, and look forward to him joining their community.