Stranger Things are no stranger to us and our long-awaited new season is here to reward our patients after waiting for almost 3 years since the end of season 3. Stranger Things first appeared on Netflix as a horror drama series in 2016 and soon became fan’s favorite in no time for the unusual plots of the series along with the variant characters and mostly for its homage to the 80s.

The series first took place in the town of Hawkins Indiana in the 80s and now in the new season, we will be getting ourselves in the mid-80s of 1986. So what new strange things we will be seeing in this season, of course, it is a new excitement to meet the characters all grown up in the new seasons.

We will be looking into the newly released Stranger Things season 4 spoilers, but before moving into it we must know first where we left season 3, so what happened in Stranger Things season 3 let’s check the recap.

“Stranger Things” Season 3 Recap

Season 3 starts in the year 1984 summer, and here we have seen the opening of a new mall in the Hawkins attracting everyone in the city. And on the other side, we have our teen couple Mike and Eleven with their newly romantic relationship but chief Jim Hopper seems unhappy with their relationship.

Apart from this, we have seen a new strange thing happening in the town and with the residents, which were noticed by Will, Joyce, Eleven, and Max and soon they find out the monster Mind Flayer is still alive. Then we have seen dozens of townspeople who have been possessed by Mind Flayer along with Billy Hargrove, on the other hand, Hopper and Joyce found out about the Russian troops’ hidden lab underneath the Starcourt mall and they want to reopen the upside-down gate.

Eleven, Max, Lucas, Will, and Mike confront the possessed Billy, and Eleven tries to communicate with Billy through her powers which led the Mind Flayer to get access to her location and came to the group’s location and attacked them.

After the attack, Eleven was wounded and the group ran off to a supermarket and tried to stop Eleven’s bleeding. The group was then contacted by Dustin’s group from inside the shopping mall and so, they moved to reunite with the other group.

In the ending battle of Starcourt, Eleven’s group was again confronted by Mind Flayer and Billy and during the fight, Eleven freed Billy from Mind Flayer’s control, and Billy died protecting eleven and her group.

The fight ended with killing Mind Flayer, Joyce closing the gate, the Starcourt mall getting destroyed, and the corrupt mayor Kline getting arrested. But we are left hanging with the sudden disappearance of the Eleven’s power, the disappearance of Hopper and we were also hinted of Demogorgon still being alive in Russia.

So this was all about season three now let’s head to Stranger Things 4 spoilers, and see what happened thereafter to the characters and the story.

“Stranger Things” Season 4 Spoilers

The story takes place in 1986 almost a year after the mall battle, Eleven Joyce, Will, and Jonathan are now living in California and Eleven struggles to fit in at her new school after losing her powers.

Joyce found out about Hopper’s whereabouts and that he is still alive in Russia through the mail and was overjoyed with suspicion. In Hawkins, the group of friends Dustin, Mike, and Lucas are back in their high school after everything is settled down in Hawkins.

The New Monster Vecna in “Stranger Things” 4

We are introduced to the new monster Vecna who kills its victims through mind vision by manipulating their past traumatic memories into terrifying hallucinations. His first victim was a school student Chrissy followed by student reporter Fred.

We also learned he was a test lab subject under Dr. Brenner named 001 who possessed similar powers to eleven and was the son of the Creel household who was said to have died, Henry. He is also the one behind the lab murders and also behind the mysterious killing of his family through his psychic power.

Eleven Struggles with Her Powers and Her Past

In California, Eleven who was struggling with her new life meets Dr. Sam Owens, who tells her about the current situation in Hawkins, and tells her about his new experiment could help her regain her lost powers.

She agrees to be a part of his new experiment and then she was examined in a mysterious lab in Nevada where she was put into an isolation tank, where she is taken into her past memories from the time she was with other children with special abilities during her time in Hawkins laboratory in the late 70s.

During the process, she regained her powers for some time as she tried to escape the past but still failed in gaining them properly and kept trying. Eleven then sees her past vision of her befriending Henry or subject 001 from the time she was in the lab of Dr. Brenner, who also committed the lab mass murder.

Henry also knew about what Dr. Brenner was up to and warned eleven but he later himself planned on blacking out humanity and asked eleven to join him but she didn’t take on the offer. This led to a fight between them where he was defeated and was sent upside-down where he later became Vecna, the monster.

“Stranger Things” 4 Mysterious Death in Hawkins

After the mysterious death of Chrissy and then Fred, Nancy, Robin, and Max became suspicious of another big danger and hence started their own investigation. During their investigation, Nancy and Robin found out about what happened to Victor Creel’s family and went to meet the only surviving member Victor, in the hospital and learned more about some supernatural forces behind the family murder.

On the other hand, Max was possessed by Vecna while she was investigating but was able to escape from his manipulation with the help of her friends who learned Vecna’s spell can be weakened and broken by playing music. Max along with Lucas, Steve, Dustin, Nancy, and Robin keep up with their investigation and go to Creel’s house for more evidence where they find traces of Vecna’s movements in and out of the upside-down.

The group was then joined by Eddie, the occult hellfire club leader, and the group moved toward the Lover’s lake where underwater they find a new gate into the upside-down.

Nancy during the process gets possessed by Vecna and put under control and then she sees the past of Vecna and learns he is Henry, Victor Creed’s son who possessed psychic powers similar to eleven and was put under Dr. Brenner’s care.

Hopper is Alive and so is Demogorgon

In the Kamchatka prison in Russia Hopper is alive and captivated and what’s more unexpected is a monster from the earlier series Demogorgon is also alive. Hopper tries to get out of the prison but with no vail, then later in the series, a fight breaks out between the prisoners and Demogorgon who kills several of them. Then Joyce and Murray witnessed the fight who came to Russia after finding Hopper alive and later they reunite with Hopper and they are able to escape the prison altogether.

So the first volume of the series ended up answering many things and also leaving us with lots more new curiosity, so, we will have to wait and see more in its new upcoming volume, about what will be happening to each of the characters. Will Vecna aka Henry confront Eleven soon? We all are looking forward to it.