Steve Harvey is world-famous for being an all-around entertainer. He is not only just known for being an outstanding comedian and actor but for being a host of multiple popular shows such as Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, Little Big Shots, and many others.

He is known as one of the busiest men in Hollywood right now with his works on various of his shows from being a host for the Celebrity Family Feuds to being the host for his on-air radio show The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Harvey still is ready to take up a more diverse show role as a judge on his newly aired show Judge Steve Harvey. So, what is Judge Steve Harvey’s show about? Let’s learn more about Judge Steve Harvin.

What is “Judge Steve Harvey”?

Steve Harvey now is ready for some legal action and of course with the blending of comedy and humor as a judge in his courtroom and hence has come up with the Judge Steve Harvey show. So, are you excited? About the disputes taken to Steve Harvey’s court and his judgment combined with his canniness and honesty over the issues.

Judge Steve Harvey’s show is a new reality-based court comedy series that airs on ABC with Harvey being the main host aka Judge of Steve Harvey court. The show started airing on January 4 2022 with its first show titled Not Mending Fences on ABC as the primetime show that airs for one hour every Tuesday of a week.

Harvey is the judge and jury for the unscripted comedy courtroom series, who gives his judgments through his witty good commonsense and from his own life experiences. Harvey’s courtroom presents real-life people with their conflicts and disputes vary from family disputes, and friends’ funds to anything in between.

Is Steve Harvey Really a Judge?

We have seen popular courtroom shows like Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, and many others, and the similarity of these shows is that they all deal with small to big claims with a judge to make the judgment. And all the courtroom shows judges are real judges, say it be the judge Greg Mathis from Judge Mathis who has been the judge of Michigan’s District court or judge Judy Scheindlin from Judge Judy who is the ex-judge from New York.

So all of the court shows have a real judge. So the question is, is judge Steve Harvey real?

The shortest answer is he is not a real judge or he has any law degree or went to any law school yet he is one of the best. And why not? He has been a multiskilled person and is known for his quick wit and his skill of blending humor with common sense has led him to be judge Steve Harvey for the new courtroom show. And we wouldn’t be surprised even if he was to be a real judge.

As this show is different from other courtroom shows without a real judge but an experienced life expert with his good old commonsense whose approach is more comedic and informal. Unlike the other courtroom show that tends to be more businesslike and serious with a few humorous formats, Harvey tends to show more of a comedy format in his show. That’s why the show described itself as

“Steve Harvey, who plays by his own rules”.

In an interview with TV Insider before the airing of the show, Steve was asked what makes him different from other judges and he answered

“I knew I had to just be myself. Most judges are interested in the law: These are the facts, and that’s it. I’m going to dig up the story behind why people came to court Vs why they are in court for. I lean on decades of experience dealing with all types of situations and people, and I rely on my street-savvy, common sense, and humor to get it done.”

How is Steve Harvey a Judge?

Harvey, who is not an actual judge with any law background but the king of comedy has always dreamt about being a TV judge. During a session of the virtual Television Critics Association winter press tour of 2022, Harvey said

“I came up with this idea 12 years ago and I just never told anybody.”

Then he said that when he was in a zoom call with ABC executives during the covid, he was asked what he wants to do when they talked about pitching him for a new sitcom, at this, he said,

“Well, I always wanted to be a judge on TV.”

Then he further added

“I wanted it to be funny. I wanted to be insightful. I wanted it to be not about the verdict, but about the story.”

Myeshia Mizuno Daytime Emmy Award winner who is known for producing projects like Judge Judy, Divorce Court, Couples Court, and one of the ABC executives said

“It’s a natural progression to have Mr. Harvey as a judge.”