The host of the television show Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?, Kim Wolfe is a mother of three children and is a renovator and designer who helps clients to give a makeover to their houses.

The clients of this show are those that buy beautiful houses but the interiors are a disaster that makes it difficult for the buyers to live. Kim Wolfe hops on to help them out with the designs and renovate them as per their convenience while keeping the classic touch of the houses’ original feel intact.

Where was “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?” Filmed?

Why the Heck Did I Buy This House? location is in San Antonio, Texas in the United States which is also the hometown of the show’s host. The show first aired in September of 2021 and has only one season so far.

The second season of the show has not been announced yet but the viewers and fans of this show are looking forward to seeing the upcoming seasons that will bring the remorse of several other home-hunters who ended up with houses that are beautiful looking exteriorly but have a bad interior.

The filming of the first season started sometime in March of 2021 and ended around September of the same year and was aired on television soon after the filming was over.

About the “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?” Host

Kim Wolfe is the mother of three children, as mentioned earlier, and was born and brought up in San Antonio which is located in Texas and has been married to Bryan Wolfe since 2013.

Some interesting facts about Wolfe are that she was the winner of the show Survivor in 2012 and rose to fame in television since winning that show, which earned her 1 million dollars along with additional 100,000 dollars for winning the title of “Player of the Season” which is declared based on the votes of the viewers of the show.

After winning the reality show, Kim and her husband decided to buy a house and they did but ended up having to renovate the house to such an extent that it contributed to Kim’s designing skills.

After they bought the first house, she bought three more houses and renovated all of them. This was the turning point of her career which she did not think about initially but took upon her husband’s advice after he saw how good she was at designing and renovating houses.

Before featuring in both the shows, Kim was a backpacking guide in Thailand and worked at a rafting company which made her one of the most outdoorsy people who loved wild nature and its challenges that she finds to be fun and exciting.

She also says that although the two shows that she featured in, may seem to be complete opposites, the essence of each is somewhat similar to the other as she needed to understand the people and their thoughts to know their wants and what their next step would be.

The show seems to have polished her skills as an interior designer who did not officially pass out from the course but was self-taught through observing and taking inspiration from nature and animals.

About the Show

Her designing skills are profound as proven in the show where she helps the clients reinvent the house without losing its original essence. The season has seven episodes and premiered in December 2021 and is presently running on HGTV. The show was well-received by the audience and is doing well on television.

From the first episode of the first season, Kim was drowned in the design of a house that needed some serious changes and renovation. The family wanted a backyard that had a terrible house attached to it which not only spoiled the look of the backyard but also did not add any value to the backyard.

Kim jumps to their rescue and renovates it like how the family wanted it. From then on, the rest of the episodes show many distraught clients that Kim helps.

The Cast of “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?”

The television show is hosted by Kim Wolfe, who is accompanied by her husband Bryan Wolfe, who is also the co-host of the show. Unlike Kim, Bryan is appearing on the television for the first time which he says made him nervous and would often be teased by his wife as this was his debut on the television screen.

The couple together continues to help clients with their new homes and the fans are eager to see their creativity on screen.