Are you a die-hard fan of Randy Jackson? Are you interested to know why Randy Jackson lost so much weight? If so, you have come to the right place because we will discuss the weight loss journey of one of the American Idol judges, Randy Jackson.

Jackson is considered to be the transformer of American pop culture. His weight loss journey has become trending. Keep reading this article to know more.

 Randy Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey

The iconic presence of Randy Jackson on American Idol has made him one of the famous judges of the show. During that time, his fans noticed his deteriorating health and became eager to know about his struggle with his health.

He gained 358 pounds during season 2 of one of the popular reality shows. His excessive weight gain led him to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As a result, he decided to change his lifestyle, which led him to lose 114 pounds. Thus Randy Jackson’s health improvement journey began.

Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

Jackson’s dentist noticed an abnormal sign on his gum during a check-up that indicated high blood sugar. After one month of his check-up with a dentist, Jackson knew that he had blood sugar over 500. Later he got to know that he had type 2 diabetes.

Randy Jackson’s Journey of Losing weight

Jackson was confronted with challenging times in 2003 when he had to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to curb food intake by diminishing a portion of the stomach.

It was done to help his weight loss journey. Even after the surgery, Jackson regained the weight. It compelled him to improve his eating habit and start his fitness journey.

After going through the weight loss surgery, Jackson changed his eating habit. His idea about food changed. He grew up in Louisiana, where he regularly ate sausage and grits and beignets. He used to have a lot of cakes, candy, cheeses, beer, and wine, after every show.

Jackson expressed that he had to face difficulty maintaining a healthy diet while continuing his career. After going through health issues, Jackson began to eat fruits and vegetables. He even eats corn without the bread. He emphasized correcting his mistakes related to taking decisions associated with his health.

Some of the secrets of losing weight have been revealed by Jackson, which has been followed in his weight loss journey.

  • Know the Limit

Jackson suggested “paying attention” to the signs when you are full. The signal to stop eating should come from inside the body. It will happen when you pay attention to signs.

  • Don’t Stay Hungry

As per his suggestions, one should not stay hungry and eat at least something healthy from time to time. He always tries to keep healthy snacks when he is at meetings.

  • Trick Yourself

Jackson tricked himself into working out by keeping the treadmill next to his bed. Every morning, when he comes across this, it reminds him of the necessity of working out. You should apply such a trick to maintain your fitness journey.

  • Give Priority to Your Health

Keep maintaining track of your record by doing your health check-up. Jackson revealed that he visits the doctor four times a year to track his sugar level.

Is Randy Jackson Sick?

Jackson has been able to keep his diabetes at bay. He strictly adheres to healthy eating habits and physical exercise. He keeps visiting his doctor and keeps track of his sugar level.

Jackson is not sick after making changes in his lifestyle, including his eating habits. His regular exercise and a healthy diet keep him protected against other illnesses besides diabetes. Now he has stopped taking medications and does the needful to maintain a healthy body.

He spends 35-45 minutes on his treadmill and also practices yoga as he feels better by stretching his body by doing yoga.

Nowadays, Randy Jackson’s skinny physical appearance has made him more attractive. His physical transformation by doing hard work is inspiring. Many people got encouragement from his sacrifices to make a physical transformation journey.

Both a Curse and Blessing

In his book Body with Soul, he called his health issues a curse because he had to struggle a lot with the dangerous disease, he had to sacrifice many things. Jackson also called it a blessing because it made him aware and gave a wake-up call. After discovering his illness, he set out to improve his health.

After going through the diagnosis, he tried to learn everything about the disease, including the side effects of heart disease, blindness, or nerve damage.


Now as you know why is Randy Jackson so skinny? You must also know that the health issue he had gone through inspired people to work towards building a healthy lifestyle. His weight loss journey has become a source of inspiration that teaches about the importance of health.