If you are a sports enthusiast you obviously are tuned into everything that’s being written about the upcoming Winter Olympics 2022 to be held in Beijing. Also if you are a fan of Kevin Bickner professional ski jumper, who holds the United States record you should read on.

There seems to be a lot of curiosity among fans about Kevin Bickner’s relationship status. We would like to clarify that Kevin Bickner is dating in 2022. Also, Kevin Bickner and his girlfriend look absolutely adorable together.

We snooped around online to collect tidbits of information about their relationship and found out that Kevin Bickner and his girlfriend had been together for close to four years. Also, they post a lot about each other on their insta profiles and seem quite open about their relationship.

Who is Kevin Bickner’s Girlfriend Aimee?

Kevin Bickner’s girlfriend Aimee goes by the handle aimeesalsa on Instagram and we hear she is pretty young as she received her degree in 2020.  She is this really hot and highly adventurous girl.

You can say she’s very outdoorsy. There are pictures of her going for a run, hiking, riding a bike, at the beach, etc in her profile. Also, there are pics of hers against snow-clad mountains and pristine beaches which hints that she likes to travel quite a bit.

It seems like this love for the outdoors and travel is what has brought the couple together and is keeping the spark between them alive. Both Kevin Bickner and his girlfriend seem to thoroughly enjoy posting about each other. Kevin’s girlfriend is also his biggest cheerleader and tends to accompany him when he’s traveling the world for his sport.

Kevin Bickner’s Dating Timeline

We do not have exact information with regards to Kevin Bickner’s dating timeline. All we know is that Kevin Bickner started dating Aimee four years back and the couple has been together since then.

The couple has a lot in common which includes several outdoor activities as well as traveling. The couple also loves posting about each other on their Instagram pages. Going by how romantic things are between the two of them we can even expect them to tie the knot somewhere down the line.

Winter Olympics 2022

Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympics 2022 has just started. A total of 105 athletes are competing for the Olympics gold at the 2022 Winter Olympics. The event started off with the men’s individual normal hill qualification and all eyes are on USA’s Kevin Bickner.

After an impressive run in 2018 in PyeongChang where he jumped 244.5 meters the Wauconda Illnois native is back to wow the crowds in Beijing. Five athletes including Patrick Gasienica, Casey Larson, and Decker Dean have represented the United States at the Winter Olympics 2022.

His first record was set at the Winter Olympics 2018. He will be competing against 2018 silver medalists Johan Andre Forfang and Robert Johannsen. Anna Hoffmann who is 21 years of age is USA’s only female representative in the women’s competition.


Kevin Bickner fans are dying to know about the professional ski jumper’s personal life. While we know for sure that the athlete is yet to be married, we also know that he is in a very serious relationship with his girlfriend of four years Aimee.

Even though not much information is available about Aimee, we do know that the couple’s common interests include several outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, beach hopping, and also traveling. The adorable couple has traveled to Mexico and several other places in the world together.