Sometimes people will ask, why did I throw up after eating? Is eating disorders the thing that makes you throw up after eating? Is that the reason? Well, what’s important here is to find out the reason behind why you threw up or tried to vomit after you had your food.

So if you are a little bit nauseated, feeling sick, and think that vomiting will make you feel better and it’s not a regular affair and only happens occasionally then there might not be something to get worried about a lot. But, if this is happening frequently, then it’s time to give a knock on your doctor’s door.

Here we’re going to talk about the common reasons behind you throwing up frequently after eating and how you can get rid of that.

Why did I Throw up after Eating?

First of all understand that vomiting is not a disease but most of the time, it is a symptom of many underlying health conditions. Vomiting is a harmless process where the body empties up the stomach content through the mouth, voluntarily or involuntarily. Even though it is harmless, it can indicate a lot of other problems that your body might be going through. Let’s check out the most common reasons that make you throw up after eating.

#Gallbladder disease.


#Food poisoning.

#Motion sickness.

#Stomach infections.

#Intestinal blockage



#Reaction to any strong or bad odor.


#Heart attack.

#Brain injury.






#Bowel obstruction.


When to See the Doctor?

It’s not a very critical situation if you feel like vomiting after having a heavy meal but if it continues for more than five days, then you must be careful. Below is a list of symptoms which if occurred along with vomiting, visit to the doctor should not be ignored.

Loss of appetite.


Head and muscle aches.

Skin rashes.

Breath shortness.


Continues forceful coughing.


Pain in upper-right abdomen.

Bloating or gas.

Why Does My Baby Throw Up After Eating?

The causes of throwing up after having food differ according to age. We have already discussed the probable causes of vomiting in adults but those are not entirely applicable when you are concerned about ‘why does my baby throw up after eating?’

Throwing up after being fed is a common thing for infants as they are very new to the world and have to learn everything starting from being fed to digestion. Their body requires time to get used to the process. Along with them trying to not gulp milk too fast and digesting the food, another very common reason behind babies vomiting after meals is overfeeding.

Let’s check out some of the most common causes behind your baby throwing up after eating.

#Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is one of the most common reasons behind your kid’s vomiting. Some of the symptoms of your kid having stomach flu is loss of appetite, stomach cramp, runny poop, etc.

Gastroenteritis can also cause a fever and can even lead to dehydration. Do not take time to call your pediatrician if your kid gets too dehydrated.


If your infant is near about one month old, then the vomiting after feeding is mostly because of overfeeding. To get in this situation, make it a habit to feed your kid in smaller quantities throughout the day.

In case of frequent forceful vomits, let your pediatrician take care of the kid.

#Ear Infection

If your kid doesn’t have a fever but is still throwing up after you feed him/ her, chances are there that he/ she is suffering from ear infection. Notice if he/ she is scratching the ears, crying in pain, etc. Ear infection can lead to loss of balance and in severe cases, the baby may need you clear up the infection.

#Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a common problem for adults as well as kids above the age of 2 years. This can make the kid feel dizzy and lead to vomiting. Bumpy roads, strong smells make the case worse.

To avoid motion sickness, you can avoid traveling when your kid is awake and active as when asleep, it’s unusual for the kids to feel nauseous.

When to See the Doctor?

Kids easily get dehydrated if the vomiting continues for more than 12 hours. Get an appointment booked with the pediatrician if your kid’s vomiting continues and also has some other symptoms such as –

Extra sleepy.

Bloated stomach.

Dry tongue or lips.



Tearless crying.

The Bottom Line

Even though throwing up after eating is not a serious health concern but if it’s a regular affair and also shows some other symptoms as mentioned above, then it’s high time to visit your nearest doctor and take serious care of your health. Maintain overall good health by drinking enough water throughout the day, exercising daily, eating easy to digest foods, etc.