Brittany Bowe is a most amazing American athlete and throughout her life, she has been a part of several athletic events and wowed us with her skills. Brittany is particularly talented when it comes to inline speed skating.

Of the 32 world championships (both junior and senior) that she has been a part of, she has won 32 medals. The world-famous athlete, Brittany Bowe is yet to be married but is in a serious relationship with partner and fellow speed skater Manon Kaminga.

Mannon Kamminga and Britanny Bowe have been in a long-distance relationship for many years. Both partners have been outspoken about their romantic feelings for each other and they regularly post images of them together on social media.

Sharing a passion for speed skating and having the same kind of goals is probably what has brought Britanny Bowe and Manon Karminga together. Brittany has admitted that it’s difficult having to live on different sides of the world. However, it is quite clear that the couple is making it work.

Together Forever

Though Britanny has always been open about her relationship with Mannon Kamminga she hasn’t really labeled herself as lesbian or bisexual or queer.

Manon Kamminga is Dutch and both an inline skater as well as a long track speed skater and she plays for the Netherlands. Her career commenced in 2010 and since then she has been successful in several championships and won several medals.

The LGBTQ association can be credited for having given lesbian couples like Britanny and Mannon the freedom to be open about their sexuality and even proud of their relationship.

The couple has been making the headlines quite a bit. They are seen together at several parties, pubs, and beaches. Brittany has said that it can be tough dating another athlete (Manon Karminga) because she gets nervous watching her compete.

Love for Sports

Brittany says she has never been more passionate about anything other than being an athlete. She claims that it’s in her blood. Before speedskating, Bowe was a world champion inline skater.

Skating became a part of her life right from when she was eight years old. She happened to attend a birthday party at a local roller rink and she saw an inline team practicing. She almost instantly knew what she was going to do with her life.

Her earliest memory associated with the Olympics is when her inline coach Renee Hildebrand and she went to watch the SLC Olympics together. She recalls seeing several Olympians win medals.

She had to put her Olympic dream on hold to pursue another goal which was playing division 1 college basketball. Her father coached her and she played Basketball for four years at Florida Atlantic University. It was at the time of her graduation that she revisited her Olympic dream.

Brittany’s Winning Streak

Her first memory of ice skates was during the national team’s practice hour. Her coach told her to get on the track as they were going to be skating some slow relays. He told her she would be fine but she was not. Brittany refers to it as one of the most intimidating experiences of her life.

Almost a year after stepping on ice she started competing on the World cup circuit in 2011. Her first major breakthrough was when she won the 1000m bronze at the 2013 World Championships. Standing on the podium Brittany realized that she could do something special with her career.


Brittany’s all set to compete in the Winter Olympics 2022. Bowe has rewritten speed skating history by breaking a world record thrice. The world will be watching as Brittany takes part in the Winter Olympics 2022.  Apart from being a world champion, she along with fellow competitive speed skater Manon Kamminga is setting a true example when it comes to relationship goals.

She and Mannon are a good example for people all around the world that you could be gay, straight, or bi. At the end of the day what really matters is sharing the same goals and values.

Despite being competitors when it comes to their profession these two seem to share a bond that’s truly special.  Love can come in many forms but it is still love. It is particularly nice to see how we as humans have progressed enough to regard same-sex relationships just the way we consider heterosexual relationships.